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Lip Savers

by Organic Spa Magazine

Extreme air conditioning and summer swelter, along with exposure to sun and salt air, can dry out your lips and leave them less than soft and supple. Since lips are extremely vulnerable, they need constant moisture. To protect your pout, look for lip balms with nut butters like shea and cupassu, and jojoba oil, honey, coconut and avocado oil. Here are a few of our favorites.


Mighty Multitasker The new Wembe Organic Moisturizing Stick is a richly emollient lipstick lookalike, packed with antioxidant rosehip oil and cupassu butter. The Stick softens skin around lips, eyes, and cuticles. $8; wembe.com


Buttery Balm Revolution Organics’ new all-over body balm is especially soothing on sun-scorched lips. Featuring organic butters like cocoa and shea, this USDA-certified organic balm offers salvation for parched skin. $22; revolutionorganics.com


It’s a Honey Australia’s first ECOCERT-certified organic lip balm, Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Organic Lip Balm contains paw paw (papaya), loaded with exfoliating enzymes, and moisturizing honey. It also soothes itchy bug bites! $14; spiritbeautylounge.com 


Good Enough to Eat A dab of cocoa powder and peppermint essential oil make these USDA-certified organic Dagoba lip balms from Ecolips seem good enough to eat. Sunflower seed oil, beeswax, and coconut oil pack a moisturizing punch! $3.49; ecolips.com 


Touch of Tint FD&C colors and carmine (color derived from insect carapace) have been removed from the new and improved Pacifica Color Quench All Natural Lip Tint. Sheer color now comes from minerals, in a base of coconut and other plant oils. $9; pacificaperfume.com


Subtle Shades A softly tinted highly emollient organic lip treatment that moisturizes dry lips and can be layered on for a more or less intense dollop of color. Available in two limited edition shades. $24; iliabeauty.com



Christy Coleman (christycoleman.com) is the first top makeup artist to switch to all-natural and eco-conscious cosmetics, the first to “green” her makeup kit and the first to show the world, through her work with actresses Emmy Rossum, Connie Britton, Amanda Peet and many more, that green can be glamorous. We asked Christy for her top tips on healthy, natural lips.

Do you often need to do damage control on your celebrity clients’ chapped lips? 

Yes. Whenever I am applying a matte lipstick it is very important to exfoliate the lips so they have a smooth finish. There is nothing worse than dry matte lips!

Do you have an exfoliating secret or home remedy to keep lips healthy? 

I make my own lip scrub which is easy to do yourself. Grab some locally harvested honey, sugar in the raw and a few drops of olive oil, and mix together making a paste. You want to make sure this mixture binds together. Put it in a glass jar and store in your refrigerator so you can grab it at the last minute, and gently massage into your lips. It tastes great, too! Also, a warm washcloth pressed into the lips can do the trick or a disposable eyebrow/mascara brush works well, too. Make sure to apply a generous amount of lip balm or some raw coconut oil to lips first. Rub into lips and then move brush back and forth to remove dead skin.

What are your top tips for keeping lips soft and healthy?

Don’t lick your lips too much, exfoliate and stay away from synthetic ingredients that can cause your lips to dry out.

Any lip balms or especially moisturizing lipsticks to recommend? 

I am a fan of Ilia and RMS Lip Shines for color. Lip and skin balm by RMS beauty, Love Balm by Jurlique, Lip Care Stick by Dr. Hauschka and Lipcare by Pangea Organics.

What ingredients do you recommend avoiding on the lips? 

PETROLATUM! This ingredient actually causes the symptoms it advertises to alleviate. Look for ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil just to name a few.

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