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Like Silk – Summer Hair Care

by Lambeth Hochwald

Ah summer. It’s the season for dipping in the pool, surfing the waves or savoring a midday picnic. Unfortunately, all that fun-in-the-sun comes at a price: Your hair is likely to feel drier and more brittle as sun exposure does a number on your hair.

“The sun takes out moisture leading to dry hair,” says Jamal Hammadi, a celebrity hair expert and owner of Hamadi Organics in Los Angeles. “And then there’s the chlorine in the pool, which is very drying. It’s like bleach on your hair.” If you’re a frequent swimmer, Hammadi suggests that you apply a dab of conditioner to your hair right before you get in the pool and then immediately afterward. Your overall game plan for this summer is to keep hair moisturized, using targeted products like leave-in treatments, conditioners, serums and masks. The goal: To focus on moisturizing your strands in the same way you focus on keeping your skin hydrated. Finally, pick a product that matches the state of your hair that day. “If my ends are dry after I’ve shampooed and conditioned them, then I’ll use a leave-in conditioner,” Hammadi says. “Whatever you can do to condition your hair, go for it.”


6 natural products for soft silky hair this summer

Make room in your repertoire for these products. They will help keep your hair supple and shiny, no matter how steamy it gets outside.

Nubian Heritage EVOO & Moringa Repair and Extend Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

Moringa oil is high in antioxidants and vitamins that keep hair soft and prevent breakage. Extra virgin olive oil, rich in fatty acids, adds moisture and shine. Also contains quinoa to protect the hair shaft. 8 ounces; $11.99; walgreens.com

Rare El’ements Essential Conditioner

Massage a nickel-sized dollop of this highly concentrated conditioner into hair and you’ll revive even the dullest strands. Formulated with active botanicals, calming essential oils and butters native to Nepal and Brazil, use this treatment as part of your daily maintenance or as a deep hydrating mask. 6.5 ounces; $44; rare-elements.com

Yarok Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum

This pre-swim treatment is a blend of several vitamins and antioxidants as well as organic aloe vera and black currant seed oil that protects the hair and scalp from pool chemicals and ocean salt. Use as an after-sun soother/replenisher, leaving it in for 10 minutes for maximum benefit. 1 ounce; $26; yarokhair.com

Jonathan No-Frizz Hydrating Balm

Formulated with rice and soy protein, this citrus-smelling balm not only hydrates hair, but it is ideal for humid days as it helps protect hair from humidity and prevents frizz, too. 100 percent vegan. 5.1 ounces; $24; jonathanproduct.com


Tara Herbal Infused Bindi Hair Oil

A conditioning treatment for hair and moisturizer for dry scalp, use a dab of this product featuring sweet almond and safflower oils to add softness and shine. Lavender and jasmine essential oils smell divine. 6 ounces; $24; taraspa.com

Hamadi Organics Shea Hair Mask

This versatile hair mask penetrates even the driest hair to revitalize hair that has been damaged by chlorine or salt water. Made with all-organic ingredients, including shea butter, which helps protect hair and scalp from harmful rays, and vanilla and ylang ylang essential oils, this mask can be used to repair hair overnight, as an all-day leave-in or you can rinse it out in the shower. 4 ounces; $25; hamadiorganics.com

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