Insta Fitness

by Tess Donelon

Working out at home can be a chore, to say the least. Without the laser-focus that comes with being at the gym, it’s difficult to escape all of the responsibilities that are waiting to be addressed at every corner of your home. If that isn’t challenging enough, motivating yourself to get down to the nitty-gritty of a workout seems impossible at times, especially when it’s just you. But thanks to the wide world of social media during quarantine, the trainers have come to you.

For most of us, this is just the push we need - so consider this to be a sign! To start, charge up your laptop or phone, an Instagram account and some comfortable, breathable clothing (trust us). Each of these trainers is unique, so check them out and find your perfect match!


Jeanette Jenkins:  @msjeanettejenkins

Going by the “Hollywood Trainer” moniker, Jeanette Jenkins is the real deal, especially when it comes to celebrities. She has worked with big names such as Pink, Alicia Keys, and Amber Rose, plus, her instagram includes a variety of wellness-based content that doesn’t just focus on fitness. She posts workout videos that viewers can easily follow, healthy everyday recipes and even some motivational quotes to inspire your timeline. Her 30-day workout challenges are some of her more popular posts, a perfect way to get motivated and stay motivated, all in the comfort of your own home.


Joe Holder:  @ochosystem

Joe Holder is a Nike trainer, run coach and fitness nutrition specialist, and you’ll be sure to get a well-rounded health experience from his Instagram feed. His workout style is built around sculpting the body for performance and function rather than typical six-pack abs. Many of his videos describe how to train like a Victoria’s Secret model, with whole foods, strong mental health tips and good daily movement intertwined. If you’re looking to be healthy and stay in shape, both mentally and physically, Joe is your guy.


Jess Sims:  @jsimsfit

If you haven’t heard about Peloton, you’ll want to check it out. Jess Sims is a tread instructor for Peloton and an Instagram fitness guide. On both platforms, she hosts her own training sessions, where she motivates and leads viewers toward the goal of making yourself strong, not small. Her Instagram is a bright, confident oasis of motivational posts about loving yourself, working toward your goals and embracing every day. You’re definitely going to get in a good workout with her in charge, but you’re also going to learn self-love in the process.


Chloe Ting: @chloe_t

 Simple, to the point, with a workout that kills--Chloe Ting has been one of the biggest viral fitness stars of this year. Her workouts are posted both on Instagram and on YouTube, making it even more accessible for the average at-home session. Her posts touch on almost every muscle group you could imagine. If you have something specific you’d like to target, she most likely has a video for it! Her Chloe Ting Challenges, which you can find on her website, are her strongest claim to fame because they only last a month and almost always produce staggering results. If you’re looking for someone to help you focus on a targeted goal, Chloe is the way to go.


Issac Calpito: @isaacboots

Get ready to sweat! Isaac Calpito is motivating, real and all-inclusive. He posts workout videos onto Instagram where he runs through each and every workout alongside you. His sense of humor and lighthearted spirit make for a fun time where you’re definitely going to feel sore afterward. Issac has a devoted celebrity following and he is also philanthropic--he’s always raising money for a good cause. He goes live every day at 11am, so you can arrange your workout schedule around it! Consistency is key, and with his daily workouts, Issac makes sure you get where you want to be.

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