I Want To Ride My Bicycle

by Piper Stull-Lane

Tim Paczesny’s inventive new biking game will have you screaming I want to ride my bicyclebicycle

You’ll learn something new every time you play Tim Paczesny’s inventive new Biking Game. Designed as a way to bring the family together with the outdoors in mind, up to eight players move around a game board, race-style, answering trivia questions along the way.

Questions are, of course, focused on bicycling—topics range from naming obscure bike parts to telling your version of “the first time I fell off” stories. The Biking Game by Schwinn is made to accommodate players of all ages, so participants are assigned to one of four groups that correspond to trivia card difficulty. Inventor Tim Paczesny says this is so that “your 4-year-old can play against Grandpa.”

Paczesny, who isn’t new to the board game biz, is also President of Education Outdoors. In 2006, he announced Camp, the company’s first board game that educates players about the joys (and rules) of camping. Two years later, at Toy Fair in New York City, Pacific Cycle approached Paczesny to create a version for one of their sub-brands. Turns out that brand was Schwinn, and the partnership couldn’t have been more ideal. After describing the encounter, Paczesny laughed, “I didn’t know much about biking before, but now I’m really getting into it! There is so much biking has to offer.”

Rules of the game will ring a bell. Players travel around the board, and the first one to the finish line wins. Similar to Monopoly, players can jump ahead of their competitors—to the Bike Shop—with a certain pull of a card. However, during the second half of the game, the Bike Shop is a serious setback. It’s the details that make this game so unique, and set it apart.

The exhilaration of biking for the very first time is captured in The Biking Game, but it’ll also evoke something new for experienced cyclists. “From folks who have a bike to someone who’s never touched one, it’ll get players thinking about hopping on and finding out what else they can do. If you can get out there, ride around, cut emissions and exercise? Well, that’s what it’s all about. I want players to think, ‘I want to learn more about that.’”

To pick up the board game that encapsulates the wonders of the world’s third-most-popular recreational activity, visit Amazon, check your local bike shop or head over to Camping World. (And keep your eyes peeled for more Education Outdoors games! Paczesny has more than one in the works.)

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