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How To Prepare For A Detox

by Nikki Sharp

1. Commit to your WHY before starting any detox as this will be the catalyst for the success you will have. Understanding what your goals are and what's driving them will help you to commit to the detox, stick with it, and see all the results you want. Write it out on a piece of paper that you stick on your fridge, such as: "My WHY is because I want to have more energy and sleep better" or My WHY is because I want to kickstart weight loss in a healthy and maintainable way."

 2. Find a program that works for your lifestyle. Not all detoxes are created equal, meaning that some will be harder than others to do. I recommend doing my 5-Day Real Food Detox, which is based on 5 meals a day, for 5 days as it teaches you how to eat nourishing and delicious meals that won't make you feel hangry. Other options are juice cleanses, smoothies, raw food cleanses, among others and all range for different amounts of time.

3. Prioritize sleep during your detox. Sleep is the number one thing that heals your body, rejuvenates your cells and helps you feel more energy. If you aren't getting enough sleep you're more likely to crave sugar and caffeine, two items that you most likely will be removing. Commit to putting your phone away 30 minutes earlier each night, use a sleep mask and don't check your phone if you do happen to wake up as the blue light has a negative affect on your REM sleep.

4. Make sure you're drinking enough water. No matter what detox you choose, having enough water is vital to helping move your bowels, preventing constipation and bloating - possible side effects when you change up your diet and eat a fiber-rich diet. Aim for 2L of water a day and have teas with ingredients such as mint and fennel as these help to soothe bloating and aid in digestion. 

5. Celebrate finishing the detox - but not with food. Once your detox is complete you will be feeling better in your body, your skin will clear up and you'll have more energy. The worst thing you can do after is immediately go back to the way you were eating prior. Ease into the foods you love and keep focusing on your WHY in order to keep pushing yourself forward towards your goals. On my 5-Day Detox, your cravings go away which is not always the same for juice cleanses.

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