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How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Matcha Tea

by Organic Spa Magazine

Matcha tea is exploding right now. We all know that a deep green cup of matcha is beautiful to look at, and delicious to drink, but why is it so good for us?

“Matcha is rich in antioxidants (catechins), vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber,” says Rona Tison, senior vice president, Ito-En, North America, launching Matcha Love Organic ready-to-drink organic matcha tea, in three flavors, this month. “Since it is a finely milled powder from tea leaves called Tencha—with the veins and stems removed—one benefits from the whole vitality of the tea leaf since it is fully ingested, versus steeped tea leaves that are discarded after brewing.”

“The tea leaves are shade grown with new shoots harvested and steamed,” Tison continues. “The leaves are then dried and ground into powder form. The green tea is placed directly into a matcha bowl and whisked with small amounts of water. Because you ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water, the health benefits of matcha exceeds that of regular green tea.”

But blending a perfect cup of matcha can be confusing so we asked Tison to tell us how.

1. Begin with freshly drawn cold water (spring water), heat to a rolling boil, then allow to cool to appropriate temperature, approximately 180 degrees F.

2. Pre-warm the chawan (matcha bowl) and chasen (bamboo whisk) by rinsing with hot water. Discard water and dry thoroughly.

3. Measure two rounded chashaku (bamboo scoops), approximately one teaspoon, of pre-sifted matcha and add it to the bowl. Gently pour two to three ounces of water into the bowl.

4. Whisk the contents of the bowl vigorously for approximately 30 seconds until dense foam covers the top.

5. Drink and enjoy!

Important Tips

* Never pour boiling water on matcha. Water temperature is crucial in preparing green tea (175-180 degrees F).

* Be sure to vigorously whisk the matcha so the powder is completely dissolved with no clumps.

* It is important to create a dense foam when whisking the matcha. This will ensure that there will be a beautiful aroma and flavor of the tea leaf.

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