Hot Serums

by Rona Berg


Everybody loves them, and for good reason.



Made with an exotic blend of eight nutrient-dense “superflora,” including Wild African Calabash, Moringa and Neroli, exclusively sourced in Africa, this aptly named elixir also brings an intoxicating scent, with jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, geranium and rosemary. It detoxifies the skin and targets breakouts and inflammation, while offering an aromatherapeutic boost to mind and spirit.


We believe in the power of herbs, and this serum—created by a board-certified dermatologist at Sloan-Kettering and his acupuncturist father—takes it up a notch, for two reasons. The herbs featured in this lovely, lightweight serum are Chinese herbs, based on the wisdom of thousands of years of Chinese herbal medicine. And, because they don’t use heat (the serum is made with patented cold-pressurized manufacturing technology), the power and potency of the active ingredients survives intact, allowing them to deliver more benefits to dry, aging and sensitive skin.

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