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Stay Centered on the Go

by Sandra Ramani

As we gear up for the holiday travel seasons, it’s important to remember how flying can impact us both physically and mentally, resulting in symptoms from swollen ankles and knotted muscles to sleep deprivation and dehydration.

Along with offering wellness tips on board its international flights (accessible via the in-flight entertainment system), Cathay Pacific Airways, earlier this year, introduced The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga at The Pier business class lounge at its Hong Kong airport hub.

Developed in partnership with The Pure Group, the 700-square-foot wellness lounge features The Body Sanctuary, equipped with chairs for gentle seated stretching work, an open area for self-guided yoga, and a space for video yoga sessions. Over in The Mind Sanctuary, you can settle into a cushioned pod and don noise-cancelling headphones for a guided audio meditation, or try your hand at “gazing meditation,” where you focus on graphics placed on the wall to help improve focus and center the mind. 

--Sandra Ramani

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