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High-Tech Travel Essentials

by Ron Stern

We’re heading into high season for travel, as families and friends all over the globe make plans to spend the holidays together. Whether you are gathering at a wellness getaway in northern India or around a supper table in Des Moines, you’ll want to get there in convenience and style.

Here are some of our top high-tech travel essential picks.

A Smart Suitcase

The Away Carry-On Luggage is the favorite of travel editors everywhere because it is lightweight and come with USB charging. The removable battery is TSA-approved, so you won’t have to worry about leaving anything at the gate.

A Solar Charger

Now you can stay online even when you’re off the grid, with Jetsun’s 16750 mAh Solar Charger. Designed specifically for camping, Jetsun’s dust-resistant, waterproof design is perfect for any outdoor—or indoor—adventure.

Spectacles for Snapchat

GoPro, meet your match. Made by and for Snapchat, these sunglasses double as a portable, hands-free camera you can wear. With just a press of a button to start recording, you’ll never be taken out of the moment, while waiting for your camera app to load. Spectacles back up each recording to your snapchat memories, where you can edit, save and share your adventures with your friends.

A New Wide Lens

Sometimes even the best smartphone cameras need a little boost. Enter: Moment’s New Wide Lens for landscapes and architecture. Wide angled design allows you to fit twice as much into the picture without any distortion. For iPhone, Google Pixel and Galaxy S8 devices, pick up moment’s specially designed phone case, and simply twist and lock the lens for better photos instantly.

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