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Heat Wave

by Celia Shatzman

Once the temperatures start to warm up, no one feels like sitting under a hair dryer. “People don’t want to spend hours in front of a bathroom mirror on gorgeous summer days,” says Brian J. O’Connor, pictured left, celebrity colorist and creative director of goodDYEyoung. “Plus, most of your time is spent around a pool or water, so what’s the point?”

And let’s not forget about the perks for your strands. “Reducing the frequency of heat on the hair shaft will definitely reduce split ends and breakage,” says ABBA Expert Stylist Richard Jay. “The production of important oils supplied by the scalp can also be compromised with excessive heat on the hair and scalp as well. Drying the hair naturally combined with strong haircutting techniques and good performing products will yield a beautiful hairstyle.”

The truth is, air-drying isn’t only better for your hair—it’s also better for the planet. “Reducing the use of electricity greatly affects our environment in a multitude of ways,” says ABBA Expert Stylist Stephanie Amador. “It decreases power plant emissions, and to generate electricity most power plants burn coal, crude oil or other fossil fuels. Slashing energy will also help protect the air and prevent climate change.” To celebrate the start of summer, Amador and Jay each created looks that are a cinch to style sans hot tools.

Barrel Curls

1. Spray dry hair with ABBA Firm Finish Hairspray.

2. Make three big vertical partings in the back of the head. Split each one in half with a top and bottom section. 

3. Create a barrel curl by starting at the ends and roll the hair up around an imaginary roller or your fingers toward the scalp and pin.

4. Do that for all back sections so you will have six barrel curls in the back, top and bottom for each section. 

5. Roll all of the sections in the back under. Spray the hairspray on the hair for each section before you roll it up. 

6. Roll the side sections away from the face. There will be two on each side. 

7. Roll the top back or on an angle away from the face.

8. Spray the whole head of barrel curls and let it set for fifteen minutes. 

9. Take out the pins, spray a soft bristled brush with ABBA Firm Finish Hairspray and then comb through all of your barrel curls and style. 

Natural Waves

1. Split damp hair down the center. Separate the back section from the front. You will do four ponytail twits. 

2. Gather the hair together and start twisting the pony clockwise and keep twisting until it becomes a bun and then pin it. Using a light mousse before you begin will help hold the style. 

3. Repeat step two for all ponytails.

4. Let it dry.

5. Take down the bun and tousle the hair. Finish with hairspray for hold. 

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