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by Rae Novack


It’s a PACT: Urban Gardens Across America

Anyone who’s ever told a child to “eat your vegetables,” knows how much easier it is for that message to sink in at a young age. That’s why Whole Foods Kids Foundation, PACT (a mission-driven organic clothing line), and Indiegogo (the largest crowd-funding platform in the world) are teaming up to help build 100 sustainable urban gardens at elementary and middle schools across the US, and not a minute too soon.

When you consider that only two percent of American children eat enough fruits and vegetables and 16 million don’t have enough to eat, you will want to help this initiative take root. “The idea is to get kids moving and connect them with the source of food,” says PACT (wearpact.com) owner Jeff Denby. According to Nona Evans, president, Whole Foods Kids Foundation (wholekidsfoundation.org), “Gardens are powerful teaching tools.”

Each garden requires $2500 “seed” money, to be collected through online donations at indiegogo/partners/grdn. PACT will offer a gift from its 2013 spring/summer collection for each donation and WF Kids will provide additional financial support and tools for the gardens.

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Yummy Gummy Vitamins
We understand why kids love them, but now, gummy vitamins are all the rage for grownups, too. The magnum-sized jar that arrived in our office disappeared way too fast. Granted, the ingredients are organic, and the colors derive from natural sources. They’re loaded with omegas and vitamin D. But still: Good for you? Or just a good excuse for more candy-coating? smartypantsvitamins.com

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