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Having It All

by Emily Barth Isler

Everyone knows you can’t really have it all. Life is full of choices and compromises, and yet so many of us still strive to be in two places at once, to wear multiple hats, to avoid the losses, small or large, that come along with making any kind of choice.

However, every so often, we find an instance in which we can have it all. Stars align, everything falls into place, and there is a magical eye amidst the hurricane of life when, for a moment, we can have a lot, if not “all.”

For me and my family, this moment came in the form of Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, California, where we were able to pull off the almost-impossible: a family vacation for all of us that was also a spa vacation for me. We’ve missed out on many things over the past two-plus years, and many of us are eager to start making up for lost time and experiences. What if you want to travel with your family, but desperately wish you could have a solo spa vacation, too? Is it possible to have both at the same time?

I am pleased to tell you the answer is: yes! It just requires a bit of juggling, planning and finding the exact right place. Are there compromises? Sure! Is it worth it? Absolutely! So how does one pull off the impossible dream?

Here is the list of priorities and amenities—a checklist, of sorts—that a resort would need.

Family Focus
Choose a family-friendly resort that has enough amenities to entertain people of all ages. Look for multiple pools, a beach and myriad activities for kids and families alike. A resort with multiple pools, in particular, allows for all kinds of combinations and configurations of together/apart time, and for the flexibility that fosters family harmony and alone time for the spa-going folks in your party.

The Spa’s the Thing
Be sure that the resort is also home to a world-class spa. The award-winning Paradise Point takes advantage of its lush, tropical surroundings, utilizing both the outdoors and indoors to create the feeling of being a world away, even when you’re walking distance from your cottage.

Utilize CBD
CBD oil, when used in conjunction with massage, is effective in reducing inflammation, easing stress and anxiety and promoting healing, because it taps into the body’s own endocannabinoid system. Key to the family/spa vacation combo is that CBD is soothing and relaxing, but contains no THC, which allows you to switch seamlessly back into family mode after your relaxing treatment.

Don’t do it Alone
Traveling with extended family or family friends makes the family/spa vacation combo so much easier. Look for accommodations that make this even more fun—share a cottage or book adjoining rooms for as much (or little) family connection as you want at any given time. It’s easier to enjoy an epic massage and body scrub at the spa if you know your kids are having fun with their grandparents, and that the burden doesn’t fall completely on your partner or coparent.

Options are not Optional
When choosing a resort, knowing that it has multiple restaurants and food options is absolutely essential. That way, you can send the kids and grandparents to one and have an easy date night at the other—or lean into in-room dining—and ensure that no one gets bored with the food selection.

Special Effects
Look for special events that will wow the kids, especially activities they don’t normally find at home. Our first night, we thought it would be fun to sit by a fire as the sun set over the ocean outside our rooms. We had no idea just how incredible this event would turn out to be. The resort offers a service where they can bring a firepit and all the marshmallow-roasting supplies you could ever want right to the beach outside your cottage! It was the kind of memorable, idyllic experience our family will be talking about for years.

Go Green, Obviously
Many resorts, these days, offer water conservation, recycling and composting initiatives, sustainably sourced local produce and refillable plastic-free water bottles. Some coastal properties, such as Paradise Point, organize Beach Cleanups throughout the year. It’s always a plus when the electricity in the guest rooms is only accessible when a guest inserts his or her key card into a dedicated slot in the room, encouraging mindful and limited electric usage, ensuring that no energy is wasted.

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