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Hand Hygiene

by Celia Shatzman

Kill germs and not your skin with these hand sanitizers

So many things have changed since the outbreak of the pandemic, and one of them is the need to carry a hand sanitizer at all times. Sure, soap and water is the way to go, but realistically we don’t always have access to a sink. That’s where on-the-go hand sanitizer comes in. 

Rubbing your hands with alcohol constantly can take a toll on your skin, so look for a formula that has nourishing ingredients. Tammy Fender, a holistic pioneer and renowned aesthetician with an award-winning natural skincare collection, has doubled the concentrations of antimicrobial plant remedies in her hand sanitizer, The Purist Essential Hand Cleanser. “Considering the current challenges to the immune system, I decided to reformulate The Purist to increase concentrations of germ-fighting ingredients,” she says. 

It’s important to use hand sanitizer correctly to ensure you’re actually killing germs. Always check the expiration date and use an alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol or higher, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Be sure you use enough sanitizer to cover the surface of your hands completely and rub your hands together until they’re dry, which takes about 20 seconds, according to the CDC. Never wipe off or rinse hand sanitizer before it’s dry, since it won’t have enough time to kill germs effectively. 

These hand sanitizers will keep your hands healthy and happy 

Tammy Fender The Purist Essential Hand Cleanser 

“In traditional herbalism, clove bud, cinnamon bark and thyme are renowned for their germ-fighting efficacy,” Fender says. “They are some of the strongest and most powerful purifiers in the natural world.” tammyfender.com 

Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizer 

This hand sanitizer comes in two flavors—Lavender and Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Tea Tree—with 75 percent natural grain alcohol. The probiotic is sourced from kefir, which also nourishes the skin, so your hands won’t transform into reptile claws. desertessence.com 

Maapilim Hand Sanitizer 

This lightweight, FDA-approved gel kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria with 70 percent alcohol, plus it contains aloe vera to keep mitts moisturized. The sophisticated scent from an essential oil blend of bergamot, jasmine and cedarwood is delightful. maapilim.com 

Captain Blankenship 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils 

Thanks to organic essential oils of cinnamon, thyme, peppermint, lemon and clove, with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, this smells good enough to eat. Made with 70 percent organic ethyl alcohol to kill germs on contact while aloe vera hydrates hands. Bonus: The bottle is made from Ocean Bound Plastic. captainblankenship.com 

Shankara Pure Clean Hand Gel 

The perks of this natural hand sanitizer keep coming for up to 24 hours. Though it isn’t the toughest on germs since it doesn’t contain alcohol (so it’s not a substitution for washing your hands), that means it’s gentler on skin. Rose water, algae-aloe extract, aspen bark extract and glycerin keep hands soft and smooth. shankara.com 

Wildling Beauty Hand & Stone Purifier

This 100 percent organic, plant-based formula has a gentle, calming scent and is made with over 70 percent organic sugarcane alcohol, which is a natural disinfectant. It contains active cellular water from plants to heal and hydrate skin. The bacteria-killer can also be used on gua sha tools. wildling.com

Juice Beauty Green Apple Hand Sanitizer

The plant-based hand sanitizer has 70 percent non-GMO plant-derived alcohol and is proven to kill 99.9 percent of most germs. Vegetable glycerin soothes skin and peptides deliver anti-aging powers. juicebeauty.com

SpaRitual Hand Sanitizer Spray

The no-nonsense formula has just four essential ingredients: 75 percent isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and purified water. It’s a purchase you can feel good about, since it supports first responders and vulnerable populations. The first 5,000 units were donated to the city of Los Angeles to serve the at-risk homeless population. sparitual.com

Proverb Skin Hand Sanitiser

This skincare line from the UK is EWG-verified, if proof is needed on how clean it is. With 70 percent alcohol, and a host of plant power (wild peppermint, geranium, eucalyptus and lavender), the aroma is uplifting, and so is the “one for one” program: Buy one, and one goes to a person in need. proverbskin.com

LATHER Hand Sanitizer With Moisturizing Aloe

The delicate aroma of citrus essential oil will uplift your spirit. This sanitizer is 65 to 70 percent ethyl alcohol based to protect you from germs. There’s also aloe vera and glycerin to balance out the drying effects of alcohol. lather.com 

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