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Cream of the Crop

by Celia Shatzman

Photograph by Robin Jolin

Has rampant hand-washing taken a toll on your hands? Quench thirsty skin by keeping a hand cream in regular rotation. “If you want happy skin, apply three times: once in the morning after makeup, once during the day (best after washing hands), and a thick layer at bedtime,” Kirsten Carriol, founder of LANO, says. “I make sure to always apply hand cream before leaving the house. Also, I recommend moisturizing right after the shower to help lock in the moisture your skin absorbs while showering. Regular application is key. Make sure you do your nail beds and massage into cuticles to keep them from getting brittle and peeling or cracking.”

Maximize softness by keeping an eye out for certain ingredients in your hand cream. To be on the safe side, she recommends avoiding petroleum, coconut oil and silicone. “These guys feel nice and silky, but neither absorb nor hydrate,” she cautions. “And furthermore, they will act as a barrier on your skin, preventing hydration from getting in.”

Aside from lotion, there are other ways to keep hands hydrated. “Don’t obsessively overwash them,” Carriol says.
“And when you do wash them, use a gentle soap that doesn’t strip oils. If you want to keep your nails healthy, have a
nail-polish detox. Nail polish will coat the nails, stopping hydration from penetrating and will also make them brittle. Also, a great way to remember hand cream is to keep it in a handy spot like your car or next to your desk to remind you.”



LANO Milk & Honey Hand Cream Intense 

Milk and honey has been a nourishing combination for skin for centuries. This formula is also one-fourth lanolin, a natural emollient from sheep’s wool, which locks in moisture and prevents water loss. lanolips.com

Sparitual Hand Salve

Coat your hands in a layer of protection with hydrating ingredients like marula oil, shea butter and honeybush extract. sparitual.com

LATHER Rose + Shea Hand Therapy

There’s rosehip seed oil to plump skin and banish dullness, as well as oat kernel extract to calm stressed skin and reduce redness. lather.com

June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream

Super creamy, the luxe treatment is packed with rice extracts, meadowfoam oil and a blend of antioxidants from white, red and green tea extracts to neutralize free radicals and guard against pollution. junejacobs.com

Lavido Mandarin Nurturing Hand Cream

Power duo organic shea butter and plant-based hyaluronic acid work together to soothe and soften hands, preventing environmental damage and dry skin. Lavido’s signature scent of Bulgarian lavender also soothes the senses. lavido.com

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