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6 Summer Essentials for Sustainable Beauty

by Rebecca Casciano

Sustainable beauty is a result of what we eat, drink and think, as well as what we apply to our skin. Just as our food can nourish us from the inside, the skin care, makeup and personal care products we choose can nourish us from the outside. The good news is we don’t have to compromise the health of our bodies or our environment to look and feel our best. We also don’t have to compromise glamour, luxury or style to live in a more natural and organic way. In this monthly feature, we will explore what’s in our beauty products. Please join me in my quest for the most natural, yet effective cosmetics!

While summer brings about a lighter, more relaxed beauty routine, it also means rising temperatures, so you may find yourself working a little harder to look hot and keep cool at the same time. Choosing the right beauty products for the season can make all the difference. In my book, this means they should help manage excessive shine and sweat, nourish and enhance your natural beauty, and last, but not least, travel well in your purse or beach bag. Read on to find out my favorite, tried-and-true summer beauty essentials!

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LuLu Organics Hair Powder

Also known as dry shampoo, hair powder is ideal for keeping hair and scalp feeling fresh in between washings. LuLu’s is made using organic cornstarch, white clay, rice powder and essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, amber and patchouli. The ingredients help absorb oil and restore fullness to hair, which can go flat quickly when sweaty. Sprinkle powder into the palm of your hand, then rub through your roots or where needed.

W3ll People Narcissist Foundation

On hot days, you won’t want to wear heavy makeup to have a clear, glowing complexion. Narcissist Foundation Stick manages to offer weightless coverage that feels more like skin care than foundation. This is probably because it’s made using healing ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extract rather that silicone and mineral oil, which can create an unbreathable barrier on the skin. To even out skin discoloration and brighten under eyes, apply a few swipes of Narcissist cream stick over your natural moisturizer and/or sunscreen and blend well with fingers or a foundation brush. You will be as radiant as the sun!

Yarok Styling Pack

Part hair care, part aromatherapy, Yarok is infused with healthy vitamins and fragrant essential oils, making it my go-to for sustainable styling. I love the Styling Pack because it features the hairspray, mousse and leave-in conditioner, all in 2 ounce, travel friendly bottles. Feed Your Hold hairspray is great for setting an updo or taming stray hairs. Feed Your Roots mousse helps create volume and those tousled, beachy waves. Feed Your Ends leave-in conditioner soothes the dry ends that result from summertime fun in swimming pools and salt water.

Tatcha Japanese Beauty Papers

No ordinary blotting papers, Tatcha Beauty Papers are made of abaca leaf, a soft, yet durable fiber once used by gold-leaf craftsmen to protect their precious metal works. Geisha discovered that these leaflets have the ability to absorb excess oil and shine without disturbing makeup. These lovely Beauty Papers are pretty, lighter than a compact and will help keep your skin looking dewy, rather than shiny, on steamy summer days and nights.

Lotus Wei Energy Mini Mists

Experience a mind, body and spirit boost through amazing gem and flower elixirs, hand-crafted by Lotus Wei. Known as “flower alchemy,” these magical waters work with acupuncture meridians to transform and uplift your mood. Generously mist your face, neck and shoulders with Joy Juice, Inner Peace, Infinite Love, Quiet Mind, Inspired Action or Pure Energy to refresh your state of mind in an instant. These 10ml minis are a must-have for summer travel!

Booda Butter

Keep your entire body glowing and nourished with this luxurious, 100% pure and totally tote-able moisturizer. Created with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil, Booda Butter incorporates some of my favorite plant-based ingredients in one simple product. The formula is creamy, easy to apply (no dripping oil) and smells like decadent chocolate (bonus!). The packaging is lightweight and super cute—the smiling Buddha with “spread the love” message is a great way to start the day.

So you see, with a few key products, you can embrace the carefree vibe of summer and still look fabulous! Give my recommendations a try, or book a personalized Green Your Beauty Routine consultation with me to learn more about the right products for your specific needs, style and budget. Email me at beauty@rebeccacasciano.com to learn more!

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