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Green Paradise: Caneel Bay's Eco Friendly Resort

by Organic Spa Magazine

Aerial view of Caneel Bay Resort
Caneel Bay Resort in St. John is set entirely within the lush Virgin Islands National Park, featuring seven of the prettiest, most pristine beaches in the world. Hawksnest Beach, in particular, is a great place to spot sea turtles, if you keep an eye on dark patches of seagrass, where the turtles feed. You’ll also find families of docile donkeys roaming the property. They helped with construction when the property was built, and never left.
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Enjoy a Seashell Massage or Bamboo Treatment, new offerings in the outdoor massage huts on the edge of the gently lapping sea. And you may never find fresher sushi—or a wider variety—anywhere outside Japan. Plus, every room has a view of the water.
The Resort also features an Ecological/Green Team to get eco-initiatives like battery-operated golf carts and graywater irrigation on track. The culinary team works with Josephine’s Greens, a large organic farm on the island, to provide fresh ingredients for the mouthwatering cuisine. Once you enjoy the gentle lilt of island life at Caneel Bay, like the donkeys, you will never want to leave. caneelbay.com

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