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Got Moxa?

by Nora Zelevansky


A new luxurious and therapeutic Chinese spa in New York City.


Many Americans are no strangers to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), frequenting spare offices throughout their cities and towns for acupuncture and herbs. But Liangtse Wellness is a different story: This 30-year-old luxury Chinese spa and massage provider, which just opened its first-ever 3,000-square-foot U.S. location in midtown Manhattan, takes these healing treatments to the next level. Most notably, its signature Moxa Healing Therapy—which targets everything from insomnia to indigestion—doesn’t employ the usual, moxa stick (lit at one end with ashes to be discarded into a bowl). Instead, dried medicinal herbs are inserted into their “moxibustion apparatus.”

Guests lie prone on plush massage tables while their acupoints are targeted with herb infused warm vapors from the high-tech machine. That therapy is frequently paired with a Jade Journey Hot Stone Massage, which uses herbal oils and TCM techniques to heal tissue throughout the body and lulls guests into a relaxed stupor. The capper? Each treatment ends with tea service including revolving authentic snacks like hawthorn cake, ginseng candy and Want Want Senbei (beloved rice crackers that Chinese kids eat growing up).


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