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Got Milk?

by Celia Shatzman

Milk has been used in beauty routines for centuries. From goat's milk to soy, it's a beauty tradition that spans cultures and ages. But one that may not have crossed your mind is camel milk, "one of the most nutritious types of milk," says Elina Fedotova, founder of Elina Organics, president of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, award-winning formulator and celebrity aesthetician. "It has skin-brightening, nourishing, healing and hydrating effects, which make it suitable for all complexions."

That's why Fedotova made it the hero ingredient in her Elina Organics Sahara Soufflé Hydrating Face Mask with Camel Milk. "Hyperpigmentation and premature aging is a big issue in skincare, as well as adult acne and dehydrated skin, I wanted to offer a nourishing, soothing, healing, calming and protective product as an alternative to strong acids. It has a balanced beauty blend of nutrients like lactic acids." Camel milk contains vitamins C and D, as well as B vitamins like riboflavin, along with natural probiotics, whey protein and lactoferrin, which help calm irritated skin.

"Even people who are sensitive to other types of milk can usually tolerate camel milk," Fedotova says. Just like its multitasking ingredients, the Elina Organics Sahara Soufflé Hydrating Face Mask with Camel Milk can be used in a multitude of ways. "People like to use it as a face mask that you remove or sleep in," Fedotova says. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then remove or, for an overnight mask, simply wash it off in the morning. Make sure to apply it in circular motions over moist skin to activate the probiotic activity. www.elinaorganics.com

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