Glamorous Green Gifts for Fashionistas

By tina / September 7, 2011

green gifts Glamorous Green Gifts for Fashionistas:

Under the Canopy Organic Hooded Terry Robe

We first slipped on these robes at the green-minded Spa Habitat in Dallas, Texas—and never wanted to take them off. Super-soft and generously cut with a wide collar, big pockets, and cozy hood, they’re made from 100 percent organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. $88,

green gifts


We’re huge fans of Smartwool after wearing their various layers all the way up Kilimanjaro several years ago. These giftier items will wear well at lower altitudes as well. Latte Stripeuccino Hat, $35, Latte Stripeuccino Glove, $25, Women’s Over Easy Slipper, $125,

green gifts

green gifts

Noon Solar Bag

Noon Solar has achieved the impossible—they make beautiful bags that look “normal” but incorporate a solar panel discreetly, without looking too techy. Black Augusta bag, $412, Brown Logan bag, $452,

green gifts

Dogeared Organic Belt Purse

The fanny pack is back and, when made of organic cotton and reclaimed leather, more current than even before. $94,

green gifts

Lapland Leather Reindeer Bracelets

Sámi artisans created these stylish and mythic handmade bracelets. The Sámi (also known as Laplanders) are the indigenous reindeer-herding people of northern Scandinavia, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. They have been herding and responsibly harvesting reindeer for thousands of years. Unlike other leathers (which are often processed with chrome and nickel), the reindeer leather used in these bracelets is tanned with a solution extracted from the bark of willow, fir, and birch trees, which makes it “green” and hypoallergenic. The exquisite embroidery- inspired by both traditional and contemporary patterns- is created with coiled pewter thread invented by the Sámi from tin alloy and silver. The fastener is a leather loop and a button from shed reindeer antler. Proceeds from the purchase of these bracelets help to support Sámi artisans. Further, in order to help preserve the North, True North Gallery donates five percent of profits to the National Resources Defense Council. From $88 and up, at True North Gallery:

green gifts

Molly M Designs

Earrings Inspired by botanical shapes in her mother’s garden, designer Molly McGrath’s Branch 2 earrings feature a lasercut branch design crafted from sustainable light bamboo veneer and reclaimed suede in a soft, sea-foam green color. $46,

Energy Muse Bracelet

Serpentine, peridot, and green jade serve as a reminder to remember our roots and are believed to increase wisdom and heal imbalances in the body. Ten percent of proceeds are donated to Trees for the Future. $174.99,

green gifts

Alberto Parada Ring

This designer’s entire collection uses conflict-free gems and reclaimed metals. The 18-ct tri-color Splendor ring is available with blue topaz or citrine, set in a white gold bezel. $1,500,

green gifts

Andean Collection Circle Necklace

A bold, colorful centerpiece designed and developed by Ecuadorean artisans who use all natural materials. $54,

green gifts

Linda Vogel Charm Necklaces

Using reclaimed and recycled gold and silver, designer Linda Vogel’s delicate and inspirational charm necklaces spell out words of hope, love, and humor. $65 to $300, 212-719-3034

green gifts

Susan Peace Earring Charms

Designer Susan Peace creates earring charms with American craftsmen in New York, using natural, conflict-free stones. This set, available in 18-carat white or yellow gold, is devoted to Om, the sound of the universe. $1,750,

green gifts

Five Accessories Wood Bangles

This company features accessories sourced through Fair Trade practices in five countries. Here, a versatile set of bangles, crafted from natural wood. $10,


Give the Gift of a Hug

Whether you’re a hugger or not, reaching out to someone who may need some comforting over this holiday season in the form of a nice pat on the back or a big hug is a caring, thoughtful gift and goes a long way.  

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