Gifts That Keep On Giving

By Karim Orange / December 2, 2013

‘Tis the season to go shopping! This holiday season I’ve been thinking a great deal about what constitutes picking out a great gift for someone. In accordance with trying to live a more holistic green life, I’m trying to give gifts that expand a person’s life experience. I’m also trying to give gifts that are uniquely sustainable.

From seasonal local botanical garden memberships to weekly pottery classes, I challenge you to be sustainable and life experience-expanding when purchasing gifts this holiday season. Even something simple like a great pair of organic sheets expands a persons daily experience (we all love and need a good night’s sleep), and organic cotton also contributes to maintaining the earth. I’m going to share with you some of my creative finds for this holiday season, to get your juices flowing. I hope you enjoy…

The gift of supporting local farmers We all know the importance of eating well, but what about the importance of eating local? For those of us that do understand the importance, what about gifting a membership to a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to a loved one this season. Local CSAs help to develop a relationship with farmers who grow your food, and you can learn more about how food is grown. For more information  about CSAs in your area, visit


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The gift of commemorating special occasions Wine brings us together joyfully on so many delightful occasions, why not keep wine corks as souvenirs reminding us of our beautiful memories? What if we had a special place to keep the wine corks? Well, now you do, with this decorative, distinctive wine frame shadow box from The Wine Cork Company. What a great way to store your wine corks! These beautiful shadow boxes are made from eco-friendly, sustainably harvested woods from Indonesia, Brazil and the USA. The corks stay fresh behind shatterproof, crystal clear panes of glass. Another great twist to this gift is to number each cork and keep a diary of each memorable occasion. For more information and holiday discounts visit The Wine Cork Company.


The gift of good posture Check out the first fashionable T-shirt to integrate active technology into sophisticated style! The UpCouture T-shirt helps men and women stand up straight all day long. Fabricated in France from organic cotton (available in several colors and sizes), this shirt encourages excellent posture and features hidden bands of resistance to assist in aligning shoulders, empowering the wearer to feel beautiful and charismatic, in contrast to slouching. Let’s face it, good posture makes you feel strong and confident in the world, making this a great life-expanding gift. For more information, visit UpCouture.


Happy shopping, and please tweet me some of your gift ideas.

For more inspiration—and more gifts that keep on giving—peruse Organic Spa Magazine‘s hand-crafted 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!


Karim Orange

Karim Orange

Karim Orange, aka That Girl Orange, is a two-time Emmy Award nominee for her makeup artistry on The View. One of the most respected pioneers in the sustainable beauty industry. She advocates more choices for real women who presently sacrifice beauty for fear of harmful chemicals. She is an on-air host for About.Com. She is an active urban farmer in New York City and is currently exploring South American beauty, culture and biodynamic farming practices.

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