Gifts for Body and Soul

by tina

Hästens Mindspa

Hästens Mindspa, digital player with Auditory Visual Stimulation relaxation technology, combines light and sound to help relieve stress. $995,

Planetary Apothecary

Admit it. You enjoy reading your horoscope to find out what the day has in store for you. With Planetary Apothecary, author Stephanie Gailing doesn’t tell your fortune, but instead offers a health and wellness program based on your zodiac sign. It covers what you should eat, what spa therapy to take, even the aromatherapy oil you should have. $15.95,


Pleasure Healing

Organic Spa Magazine’s very own With this book, author Philip Jodidio columnist, Mary Beth Janssen,introduces techniques that will inspire you to treat your body and soul in her new book, Pleasure Healing. Her approach is multi-faceted, incorporating massage, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, all with the goal of nourishing the body as a whole. $15.95,





Transform Your Life Through Handwriting, How Your Pen Can Unlock Your Soul’s Potential

An interactive learning kit that creates lasting changes with simply pen and paper, Vimala Rodgers’ book teaches the hidden meanings behind handwriting. The guide helps users to recognize encoded messages within the strokes of their writing, and thorough analysis, allows users to clear away mental blockages and heal wounds, ultimately allowing for a full expression of one’s creativity. $29.95,

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