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Four Seasons Resort Nevis in Lesser Antilles, West Indies

by Abbie Kozolchyk



Serenity and adventure meet at this heavenly junction of sky, sea and sand

Nevis is here to tell you that diminutives can be deceiving. Yes, it ranks among the Lesser Antilles. And sure, it’s the tinier of two isles that make up the smallest nation in the western hemisphere. But between the misty Nevisian slopes and the surrounding turquoise waters, the local beauty is so disproportionate, it humbles you from the jump—or from the hop off the speedboat that just met you in Saint Kitts, if you’re checking into the Four Seasons Nevis.

Stretching nearly 360 feet into the Eastern Caribbean, the resort’s pier occupies some magical junction of sea, sky and sand, where you’ll soon find yourself staking out spots for both sunrise yoga and sunset drinks. Pinney’s Beach—the longest expanse of golden shoreline on the island—fans out from the pilings. And Nevis Peak towers in the backdrop, a 3,232-foot invitation to hardcore hikers (or an easy focal point for revolved triangle posers).

Not that the water’s edge is the sole yoga venue, of course. You can also book a private session in one of the Edenic golf course’s most secluded sections—silent but for the occasional egret fly-by or monkey scuttle (if you don’t see monkeys during yoga, you can’t miss them on the scheduled golden hour tours).

Yoga is also on offer at the spa, a complex of tropical gardens, clapboard treatment cottages and hot and cold pools. The volcanic stone warm pool, tucked into its own leafy enclave, comes with head- and shoulder-massaging waterfalls. But if you want a full-body rubdown, the Signature Nevisian Massage is hard to beat, from the opening foot soak in lemongrass-spiked coconut milk to the ethereal afterglow of local spice-infused oils.

Indeed, several of the botanicals on the treatment menu are grown in-house—an increasingly prominent project. So if you’re a garden lover who’d like to create a custom scrub or essential oil blend, you’re now welcome to do so at the spa, where your private session will also serve as an intro to the local tea scene. Think soursop, neem and lemongrass.

Another standout wellness offering, by contrast, takes place largely off campus. Dubbed the Island Odyssey, the hours-long experience begins with a mini yoga and meditation session near a trailhead that leads you into the rainforest. After following a ravine to some natural pools—and taking time to soak up the remarkably lush scene—you’ll hike out, revive with some fresh-pressed juices and island treats (spiced coconut cake in banana leaves, for example), then head back to the spa for a full-body massage.

Though most hikers will love this experience, only serious trekkers will want to take on the island’s aforementioned signature peak: a stunning but truly challenging up and back—or up and over, if you’d rather. Either way, try to book with the legendary Reginald Douglas, owner of Nevis Adventure Tours. You’ll need a guide regardless—and as a five-time national triathlon champion, Reggie will know precisely how to motivate you if, let’s say completely hypothetically, you lose all will to do the downhill on anything but the seat of your pants.

Along the trail, you’ll be rewarded with sightings both petite (the resident jewel-toned hummingbirds, perhaps) and panoramic (seascapes that include Montserrat and Antigua, among other islands, on a clear day). But even if the mists never clear from the summit, take heart that you’re experiencing it in the state that gave rise to the name Nevis. When Columbus sailed past the island in 1493, he dubbed the mountaintop clouds “las nieves”—the snows, in Spanish.

Though actual snow will be hard to come by here in this corner of the Caribbean, you’ll find slushy treats in abundance on the Four Seasons’ Pool and Beach Beverage menu, where standouts include a strawberry- and passionfruit-enhanced Frosé, a Guava Basil “Nojito” and mango- and lime-flavored iced tea. Point is, you can pair your pool and beach lazing with such a tasty array of drinks, you’ll be loath to leave your lounger.

That said, a warm, clear sea is just steps away. And if you’re feeling more ambitious, an island’s worth of sights await, too: the 17th-century Jewish cemetery, 18th-century birthplace of Alexander Hamilton and 19th-century Cottle Church, to name a few. But wherever you roam on the island, you’ll most likely want to make your way back to the resort by day’s end. Those sunsets on the pier quickly become something of a ritual—the source of boundless joy in a deceptively tiny corner of the world. fourseasons.com

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