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Heart of the Earth

by Sandra Ramani

A transformative spa inspired by wisdom from a renowned Zen master

Scenic spots abound at this sprawling resort in central Vietnam, from the powdery beach to the on-site chef’s garden, but crossing the threshold into the Four Seasons Nam Hai Heart of the Earth Spa feels like entering another world. Inspired by noted Vietnamese Zen master and scholar Thich Nhat Hanh (whose book Love Letter to the Earth is placed in every guest room), the spa and its treatments have been designed to showcase how we are connected to the earth, and how, as the master writes, “by aligning with nature’s rhythms, we can improve harmony within ourselves, and between humanity and the planet.”At the Spa’s core is a serene central pond filled with koi and lotus flowers and ringed by swaying palm trees. At dusk, join other guests for the nightly Good Night Kiss to the Earth Ritual, during which you can write your own “thank you note” to the earth and set it afloat on the pond, while crystal singing bowls hum in the background.

More sound therapy awaits in the individual “floating” treatment pavilions, each equipped with a soaking tub and day bed from which to bask in the views. Every service incorporates the playing of up to eight crystal singing bowls—all tuned to 432 Hz, the harmonic intonation of nature—along with focused breathing techniques. And Vietnamese healing techniques, farm-grown ingredients (ginger, mint and lemongrass), and spa-made aromatherapy oil blends add local flavor. The unforgettable signature Nam Hai Earth Song—a two-and-a-half-hour dream—has a bit of it all, from an immersive sound session to massage with gem-tipped tuning forks and a bath in resort-grown herbs and flowers. fourseasons.com

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