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Flying Solo

by Kristin Meekhof

Whether you’re looking to mark a new chapter or seeking inspiration, solo travel can perfectly suit any traveler. A key component to creating memorable experiences is to bring your dream of an ideal vacation to life. Think about what you desire: a resort or an adventure vibe, or a mix of both?

As a solo traveler, you can tailor your time to focus on something simple or design an adventure-packed stay. Solo travel can be delightful and restorative when you mix the right ingredients together. Here are some tips to help create your best solo trip.

Take advantage of cocktail hour
Cocktail hour is an opportunity to savor small delicious bites at an attractive price without feeling the need to settle into the dining space. Leave your cell phone behind, and bring a book or magazine; it will leave you feeling refreshed.

Mix it up
Mix activities into your day that make you feel energized, like a short hike. Then enjoy a local restaurant that is a favorite among residents. Ask the hotel staff for their favorite places, not necessarily spots that tourists visit.

Digital detox
Set your phone on “airplane mode.” Taking in stunning views or bathing in a new spa treatment will become more elevated experiences when you’re disconnected from a network.

Explore on foot
Consider exploring on foot or biking instead of a car whenever it is safe. You’re likely to stumble upon unexpected finds, from a cafe to a boutique. And the exercise will leave you feeling energized.

Look local
Check out local workshops. Everything from cooking to making pottery to yoga is often listed on city websites and social media. Seasonal magic can happen after dusk, so be sure to look into guided tours, too. These one-time classes and guided tours bring a unique touch of creativity to your day.

Search out a new spa
Schedule a spa treatment at a hotel that is different from the property where you’re staying. Oftentimes, you’re able to enjoy the full amenities of a resort property and the change in atmosphere can brighten your day. Recently, I spent a slow-paced afternoon at the tranquil Scott Resort & Spa in Scottsdale after receiving a spa treatment there.

Good timing
Traveling midweek can be less busy. When you’re dealing with airports or popular destinations, knowing things that can affect travel, like long lines, timing is important. Even eating at less popular times can elevate your experience and positively impact your mood.

Keep a journal
Keeping a mindfulness journal, seeking out inspirational quotes and writing a few notes about your day, can give you a time to reflect on living well and spark new ideas.

Traveling solo can create well-being and offer a holistic route toward restoration and inspiration. Throughout your day, it’s important to remember that enjoying your experience doesn’t have to include overscheduling, because that can create more stress. Recognize that your time away is for you.

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