Five Top Tips to Jump Start Your Fitness


To start anything, all it takes is the first step. And that is literally true for any exercise routine. A lot of the time, though, that first step can seem more like a huge plunge.

Hopefully, this will help: We asked Bacara Resort’s expert trainer, Norm Stalica, to share his five favorite exercises to help you “jump start” into fitness this spring.

“The benefit from the jump start fitness program is that it can be done anywhere with no or little equipment,” says Stalica. “It helps with increased energy and is a safe way to start before proceeding to a more vigorous program.”

Plus, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes each day! Here is an easy way to “jump start”:

1. Balance: Stand on one leg for 30 seconds each. Three sets.
2. Plank: Maintain a plank position for 10 seconds and then rest for three seconds. Three sets.
3. Pushups: 10 pushups. Three sets.
4. Forward lunges: 30 seconds on each leg. Two sets.
5. Triceps dips: 10 reps. Three sets.

Stalica advises, “Before proceeding to a more intensive work out, a complete body analysis is needed (cardiovascular and heart test) in order to provide a safe and individualized workout based on your body and fitness needs.”

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