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Five Things We Love This Month

by Myron Mariano

From party-friendly hummus to yoga that will greet the day, our favorites

Photo Credit: Gaia


H2OPlus's Mili Skin Moisture meter (h2oplus.com) is a nifty little gadget that puts to rest whether you're moisturizing your parched face enough. Download the companion app—available at the App Store and the Play Store—and connect the device. Then, place the metal tips to the surface and watch as the meter go up (or down) on your smart phone.


The Expanse Wheeled Tote (eaglecreek.com) strikes that middle ground between a carry-on luggage and a backpack. This roller has 20 liters of packing space in its interior slot, enough to hold your essentials for an extended weekend trip. The outside compartment has a key fob, pockets for your tech, and a padded sleeve for your tablet.


Look forward to starting each day more mindfully with Gaia's "Morning Ritual" programming. This collects two yoga series: "Sunrise Yoga" and "Yoga Everyday," both designed to inspire and start a healthy habit of exercising in the morning. The episodes are 30 minutes long.

If, like this writer, you'd rather practice in the evening, join Swiss instructor Nico Luce in the asana-focused "Skill in Action" series instead. Each class' blend of back bends and arm balances provide you with the tools to build a strong foundation and a developed core, all within 60 minutes. (gaia.com)


Open a few tubs of certified organic hummus from Hope Foods for a flavorful way to titillate the palates of your guests, while you're waiting to fire up the grill. All of their products use cold pressure with state-of-the-art high pressure processing (HPP), which helps retain their fresh flavor, texture, and nutrition without the use of artificial preservatives. (hopefoods.com)

Giving Back

Widen your knowledge of the endangered animals that the World Wildlife Foundation is helping protect with the well-assembled WWF Together. This free app features interactive profiles of the monarch butterfly, tigers, snow leopards, and polar bears.

It also includes 360-degree views of their natural habitats (tip: pop your phone inside a Google Cardboard), and you can send photos decorated with origami versions of the animals. Most importantly, find out ways on how you can support in conservation efforts by the WWF.

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