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Fitness for Your Face

by Nicole Dorsey Straff

I am dry, so dry, so very dry. My face is flaky; my hair is damaged; and the skin on my arms is white and itchy. Just about the only thing that hydrates me in the seasonal sludge from winter air to spring hydration is an oil-based compound that I can slather on my hair, face and dry body.

Many active extracts and oils are most potent when they are undiluted and applied directly to clean, dry skin. Oils can hydrate and protect your skin, and can dilute or buffer the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

A dry face can appear older and unhealthy—dermatologists recommend rejuvenating concentrates, known as serums, as well as applying oils before makeup, moisturizers and even 30+ sunscreen.

How dry I am, how dry I am…

Skin Authority’s new concentrated blend ($29) of nourishing, natural oils include rosehips, grapeseed oils and sunflower oils. After a workout, or as soon as I wash my face, I apply the light hydrating oil, and it absorbs quickly to hydrate and restore my damaged skin, scalp, hair and nails while producing a healthy-looking, smooth sheen.

• Choose organic oils and serums that are non-greasy natural oil blends that go on silky and won’t look oily.
• Add a few drops (to face, body, neckline, etc.) in the morning and at night to reveal a radiant glow.
• Use on your scalp to restore flaky skin, smooth split ends, and help restore vitality and shine to damaged hair.
• Dab serum onto your nails to restore dry, cracked nail beds, which will help so you stop picking at your too-dry cuticles.

Help! What do you do to battle itchy end-of-winter skin?




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