Fitness Gear and Gadgets

by Nicole Dorsey Straff

Try the following fitness gear and gadgets to be more proactive.

Make like a Camel
Even if you can’t take your hands off the handlebars in technical terrain, you still must hit the H2O. “The best defense against dehydration is drinking at least one liter of water per hour in moderate conditions,” said Trish Sare, leader of BikeHike Adventures. “By the time you’re thirsty, your body’s already dehydrated,” Sare says.

Walk this Way
Grab a no-frills pedometer for $15 and start counting how many steps you walk, run, stroll, or saunter each day. The aim: 10,000 steps! Some versions display distance, calories burned, speed, time elapsed, and steps per minute.

So You’re a Drip
Save your iPod from downpours with a waterproof Capture Case ($80) and waterproof headphones ($40 to $60). No matter what the activity, they’re comfortable on your head and the sound quality is aces.

Welcome, Gym Rat
If you’re more of a stair-climber type, try Sketcher’s new Tone-up ($72) running shoes. The ultra-lightweight midsole has memory retention for responsive shock absorption, plus mesh fabric and vented side panels to cool your pups after Spinning.

–Nicole Dorsey Straff

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