Lovely Lashes

by Celia Shatzman

Nothing brings on the drama like false eyelashes. Whether you opt for falsies or lash extensions, it’s hard not to love the full-fringed effect they deliver.

However, they don’t exactly love you back. Anyone who has ever attempted to apply their own false lashes knows that the struggle is real, and questions what is in that glue. Plus, lash extensions can cause serious damage to your real lashes over time.

These are facts that Sahara Lotti knew all too well. “I was obsessed with lashes in general, and started getting extensions in 2005,” she says. “It was life-changing, because you could look really good without putting makeup on. But once you start doing lash extensions a lot you never get the same look because they start to damage your lashes, and it’s difficult to upkeep because it is so time-consuming. I was certain there had to be something where I could do my own lashes. But I researched it and found nothing.”

This gap in the market is what led Lotti to create Lashify, a lash system that enables you to do DIY extensions at home. Launched just over a year ago, the Control Kit has everything you need, including a Fuse Control Wand, which is especially innovative, because it was designed to enable people to apply their own lashes and is shaped like an eye to make the process as foolproof as possible.

Unlike traditional false eyelashes, which are applied over your natural lash line, Lashify is applied underneath. “[Makeup] artists typically put five or six fibers on one lash and eventually that starts to weigh them down, and they are so long that they get tangled. When you go to sleep, your extensions rub against the pillow, pulling and damaging your natural lashes.”

Lotti wanted to create something gossamer light and non- damaging. “With Lashify, all you need is a tiny amount of bond. It’s completely weightless because it’s going underneath your lash line, so all of your lashes are holding them and it’s protecting your root from getting pulled.” The bond is non-toxic, unlike practically every other option on the market, and the formula is clean. “There is also biotin inside the bond to maintain the integrity of lashes,” Lotti says. “The bond doesn’t damage lashes and actually has nourishing qualities. Before we went to market we did every possible lab test to make sure it was non-reactive.”

The lashes come in different lengths so that you can customize your look. Lotti recommends following the pattern of your natural lashes to place them, and using longer ones in the middle and shorter ones on the inside and outside of the eye. “It’s very intuitive—people look at their eye and say I could use another one right here,” she says. “Basically, it’s no different than applying mascara.”

“People are surprised at how much they love Lashify because the lashes are beautiful and fluttery,” Lotti says. “It’s incredible what dark long, gorgeous lashes does for people’s self-confidence. People start to really look at your eyes, and everybody has beautiful eyes.” 

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