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Do You Like Your Detox Lite and Sweet?

by Nicole Dorsey Straff

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Me too. If you do not have the motivation for full-on deprivation during a long-term month of detox, follow me. (The very thought makes me sprint for a chai latte, incidentally.)

Whether you want to shed pounds, soothe bloating or look leaner, being on a diet plan or juice fasting for even a week is still a major commitment.

Try these quick fix detox tips and aim for one day at a time. Concentrate on making wise lifestyle choices, avoid excessive medications or smoking, and try skipping alcohol entirely.

The liver and kidneys eliminate toxins and waste from the bloodstream and digestive system daily whenever you consume natural green juices (think kale, leafy greens) and other free flowing beverages including herbal tea, juice, and raw fruits and veggies.

• Exercise enough to sweat for 45 to 60 minutes on your detox day; try running, boxing, hiking and other perspiration-prone moves.

• Limit salt intake and avoid all processed sugars; that means no excess sugar in any form including bread, wine and all pasta.

• Eat lightly at dinner (or green salads only) and get to bed early on several consecutive nights.

• Drink tea instead of coffee or dairy products in the morning; or limit coffee to one cup daily and drink tea and water all day long.

• Make a raw salad (think seeds, nuts and veggies) for lunch and dinner. Sprinkle lemon and antioxidant-rich fatty acids (flaxseed oil or nut oils).

• Finally, eat all your major calories before 5 pm in the afternoon so you have time to burn the calories off before bedtime.

Skip the chai latte? Yes, try other detox practices instead. You’ll lose a few pounds and boost your energy.

What will you do to detox your skin and organs?

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