DIY: How to Achieve the Perfect Brow

by Karim Orange

As a makeup artist, one of the main questions that women ask me is how to achieve the perfect brow. “Should I tweeze, wax or thread?” It all depends on your natural brows. I usually recommend tweezing for everyone, but another rule is that if you have thick brows, threading is a great way to shape. If your brows are thin, waxing (organic wax preferred) is your best option.

The brow is one of the main focal points on the face, so there is a power in having a well-structured brow. I would recommend seeing a professional at least once to get the correct shape. After that, here are some DIY tips to maintain your brows by yourself.

Shaping You will need a brow comb (or spooly), a good pair of tweezers, and eyebrow scissors. Comb your brows, laying all the hair in one direction. Now, you need to determine where they start, where the arch should be, and where they end. A trick is to take a straight edge (an eyeliner pencil or makeup brush will work), and align it straight from the outer corner of your nose up to your eyebrow. Wherever the pencil hits your brow is an indicator of where you eyebrow needs to start. (“A” image below shows you where your eyebrow should start.)

Next, determine where your arch should be. Line up your straight edge with the corner of your nose and the center of your pupil. That’s where your natural arch is located. (see “B” below)

Finally, determine where your brow ends, by taking your straight edge and placing it at the corner of your nose and place it diagonally, to the outside corner of your eye (“C”).

Make sure you invest in a good tweezer and scissor combo like Tweezerman.


Filling in Your Brows After you shape your brows, it’s time to fill. I like to use a makeup primer on brows so that the pencil or powder stays on all day. Try the makeup primer by Mineral Fusion. Next, lightly full in the middle arch area with the deep shade (depending on your hair color). You will also need a lighter shade for the front of the brow. Make sure to brush brows a lot to achieve a natural look, and to blend the shades. Finish with a clear mascara, to keep eyebrows in place. ZuZu Luxe makes amazing brow pencils as well as a clear mascara.

Achieving great brows takes practice, practice, practice, but once you get there, you’ll never leave home without a great brow!



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