Digging the Deities

By patrn / November 6, 2011

Composer Robert Paterson’s new album, “The Book of Goddesses,” is the perfect divining rod for anyone looking to channel an inner goddess (or two). Inspired by Kris Waldherr’s book, “The Book of Goddesses,” which explores hundreds of female deities from many cultures, the album brings to life nine of the goddesses from around the world.

Haunting instrumental melodies and rhythms from India, China, Greece, Ireland,  North America, Nigeria and Cuba fuse in this musical and spiritual journey. To make the multi-media experience complete, Waldherr has contributed breathtaking illustrations and fascinating descriptions of the nine goddesses on the cover and liner notes of the album.

Says Paterson, “I see myself as someone outside looking in, more as an observer than a master of each musical style.” In addition to harp, flute, violin and percussion, “The Book of Goddesses” contains  elements not common in Western music, such as a Native American flute, ancient Chinese Konghou harp and Nigerian Udu drum. Known for his eclectic instrumental music inspired by visual art, machines and nature, Paterson recently received the Composer of the Year Award from the Classical Recording Foundation.


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