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Detox Your Home

by Laura Beans

Smudging with sage can help clear the air of negative, stagnant energy, and set a tone for mindfulness and productivity. At the onset of the spring season, try detoxifying your home with this age-old Native American ritual.

Smudging is traditionally preformed with sage and other herbs such as cedar and sweet grass, and is a cleansing ritual. The herbs are bundled and burned, and the resulting smoke is fanned with sacred intention, explains Spa Director Anthony Andra of the incredible Amangiri Resort in Utah, where smudging is preformed prior to treatments.

Suzanne Chavez, spa director at the Inn and Spa at Loretto, in Santa Fe, NM, says the smoke symbolizes a spiritual union with ancestors. “Therefore burning sage is said to lift our prayers to the heavens to honor and solicit good tidings from our ancestors.”

Common Herbs for Smudging:

Sage Thought to drive out bad spirits, feelings or influences, and to keep bad spirits from entering the ceremony space.

Sweet Grass Burned after sage or cedar, sweet grass brings in the good spirits and influences.

Cedar Also used to cleanse bad energies, as well as protect loved ones and spaces from unwanted influences.

What You Need:

- smudge stick of sage or other herbs

- flat shell or other heat-proof container to place the burning herbs

- large feathers to fan smoke (optional)

- matches or a lighter

Light the smudge stick at the end until it starts to smoke, then fan the smoke in the direction you intend on cleansing. To cleanse the home, go into each room and smudge each area.

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