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Delicious DIY Facial

by Organic Spa Magazine

Entrance to Twin Farms’ Out of the Woods Spa in Barnard, Vermont

“Serums are the ultimate anti-aging step to your regimen,” says Erin Sehnal, Spa Director at Out of the Woods Spa at Twin Farms, a Relais & Chateaux property. “One of the amazing characteristics about serums is that they tackle all signs of aging.”

Apply after your toner and before your moisturizer. “We suggest applying while the toner is still damp on your skin so that the serum penetrates deep down to the dermis,” Sehnal says. “Apply moisturizer over the serum to lock in all moisture, keeping skin plump and hydrated.”

Many serums are actually oils in disguise, packaged as serums to sidestep any misconceptions that they are, well, oily—or greasy. In fact, these products will absorb neatly and offer the skin the plumping and hydration it needs and deserves, especially during the winter months.

Step-by-Step DIY Facial

Tata Harper Products

While there is nothing like a relaxing spa day, your skin can get similar benefits without leaving home. Sehnal gives us scoop on how to re-create Twin Farms’ Personalized Facial.

Suitable for all skin types, the multitasking treatment hydrates, firms, lifts and nourishes. Using exclusively Tata Harper products, they repair skin on a cellular level and boost the production of collagen to smooth fine lines. Sehnal breaks it down so you can try it yourself:

1. Cleanse the face with the Refreshing Cleanser. The gentle cream cleanser also serves as a makeup remover.

2. Apply a thin layer of the Resurfacing Mask after cleansing, and leave on according to skin type. For sensitive skin, leave on for 3-5 minutes. For normal or combination skin, leave on for 20-30 minutes. If you have rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, do not use this mask.

3. After removing the mask, follow with a few sprays of the Hydrating Floral Essence, a moisturizing toner, for deep hydration. While the Floral Essence is damp on your face, cocktail one of the serums (choose according to targeted needs: Rejuvenating-Preventative, Boosted Contouring-Lifting/Firming or Concentrated Brightening-Hyperpigmentation) and distribute one pump of each into your hand to apply to your skin. All of the products can be applied all the way down to your chest area.

4. Following the serum application, apply the Repairative Moisturizer for maximum anti-aging results.

5. Apply half a pump of the Restorative Eye Crème, which can be used all around the eye, including the lid, and around the mouth area. The best way to apply around the eye is to pat 10 clockwise circles around the eye and 10 counterclockwise circles around the eye to promote lymphatic drainage and take down puffiness.

6. For the ultimate glow, apply the Replenishing Nutrient Complex as your last step to provide environmental protection. This product comes in a roller ball and can be applied covering the entire face and even around the eyes.  All products are available at TataHarperSkincare.com

Photography courtesy of Twin Farms

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