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Cut from a Different Cloth

by Organic Spa Magazine


Photography by Damon Hall Booth

What do Shakers, Quakers, Little House-on-the-Prairie girls and Pippi Longstocking all have in common? Braids! Weaving hair into simple textured styles is not only easy, it’s a clean and elegant look that flatters almost every woman. And it is super stylish this fall.

Braided around the crown, twisted into an updo, knotted at the nape or rolled back and pinned off the face, fall styles “treat hair like fabric and create a weave and texture to the hair,” says five-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity hairstylist Marque. “It gets the hair out of your way, it is weather resistant, and you can wear these looks to work during the day or to go out in the evening,” he adds. A sculptural approach to hair—weaving, twisting, knotting and braiding—works beautifully with hair that is full or fine, stick-straight, wavy or curly.

Channeling equal parts Princess Leia and Princess Grace, Marque created a “twist on the chignon” exclusively for Organic Spa Magazine. To achieve this look, start with damp (not wet) hair, which will help add texture to the hair. Make a side part and loosely braid hair on both sides of the part, framing the face. Smooth the hair with a light styling gel for hold and shine. Braid the two braids together at the right ear and twist the braid around in a circle (or let the braid hang down, if you prefer). Pin the bun with hairpins. A natural hairspray like Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Perfect Hold Hair Spray helps to hold it in place. You can also dab on a bit of argan oil to add shine and smooth stray hairs. “Anyone can wear this style and it works for any occasion,” says Marque.

Emmy-nominated eco-makeup artist Karim Orange says the inspiration for the makeup look she created for us comes from the seasonal fall colors in nature. For fall, says Orange, add a bold accent to your summer look, with a stronger eyeliner or darker mascara. “I played up the eyes with a smokey bronze palette, very blended and soft, and accented with a bold green liner,” says Orange. A dab of light eye shadow (Platinum by ZuZu Luxe), under the brow bone, opens up the eyes and makes them look bigger. “Apply your favorite natural clear gloss (Mischief by ZuZu Luxe shown here) or lip balm and you’re good to go.”

The Tool Kit: To create the hairstyle shown here, our team uses John Masters Organics Sweet Orange and Protein Styling Gel, Josie Maran Argan Oil and wide hair pins. The makeup palette includes Platinum, Chameleon and Odyssey eye shadows and Iguana eye liner. All makeup by ZuZu Luxe.

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