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Creating a Home Hammam for Two

by Laura Beans

When a Valentine’s Day jet set to Morroco isn’t in the cards, a romantic home hammam for two does nicely

Traditionally, the Morrocan hamman was more than a bath house; while the cleansing process was a multi-step, soapy ritual, the space itself served a social purpose: For men and women of all ages and income levels, the hammam was a place for catching up with family and friends, gossip and celebration.
Hammam treatments include many beneficial components; from warm, steamy, circulating air, to vigorous exfoliation to sensual massage; the results are glowing, silky smooth skin and a therapeutic feeling of rejuvenation.
When creating a hammam in a residential bathroom where space is limited, alternatives to ancient methods are possible, but the process remains the same.

1. Let off some steam

Create your own sauna atmosphere at home by letting the hot shower run until the room becomes steamy and inviting.

2. Soaping Up

Moroccan black soap is used in traditional hammams to pull impurities from the pores, but for our purposes, any shea butter- or argan-based soap will do. Have your partner, perhaps aided by glimmering candlelight, wash you with a rich, creamy soap, creating a sudsy lather.

3. Exfoliate

Sloughing off dead skin cells is achieved with an exfoliating glove—called a kessa—and  is an essential part of the hammam. After rinsing the warm water, supple skin is ready for moisturizing.

4. Moisturize

Argan oil is applied directly to exfoliated skin after stepping from the steamy shower. With a wealth of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins, argan oil is lightweight and absorbs easily, all the while smoothing skin’s texture and fighting the look of fine lines.

5. Massage

A soothing Valentine’s Day massage is the perfect ending to a couple’s hammam. Use plant oils, with long, loving movements  to encourage relaxation and relieve tension.
“Blend pure argan oil with another sensual essential oil like orange blossom or rose for an inviting full body massage,” suggests Khadija Fajry, founder of and CEO of KENZA International Beauty.


Kahina Giving Beauty: Handcrafted using centuries-old techniques, by a women’s cooperative in Morocco, Kahina Giving Beauty’s  argan oil is cold-pressed to preserve the products principal ingredients, and serves as the base of luxurious, Ecocert accredited soaps. kahina-givingbeauty.com
Acure Organics: Their 100 percent certified organic argan oil is harvested sustainably by women’s cooperatives in Morocco. accureorganics.com
KENZA Pure Argan Oil: This lightweight, sustainably sourced Moroccan argan oil is certified USDA organic, pure and unscented, and can be applied from head to toe. kenza-international-beauty.com

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