Coral Rehabilitation at Round Hill Hotel and Villas

Coral reef and coastline

Under the sea: At Round Hill Hotel and Villas, you can see what saving the coral reefs looks like

Hear “Jamaica” and, most likely, the Caribbean island nation’s sparkling turquoise waters come to mind. That’s why people flock from all over the globe to Jamaica’s pristine beaches, especially in Montego Bay, which is where you’ll find Round Hill Hotel and Villas, a resort spread across 110 green acres, where luxury and relaxation blend together seamlessly. There you’ll literally see below the blue water’s surface.

During their glass-bottom boat rides, of course you’ll see fish darting down below, as well as sea foliage, but the coral rehabilitation program at Round Hill is the real underwater treasure. Round Hill teamed up with Seascape Caribbean, a coastal ecosystem service that uses special conservation techniques to reintroduce coral and coral reef back into the waters, in order to boost the entire ecosystem. During the tour, guides will point out the coral nurseries where you can see them growing.

The best part of being an amateur conservationist? You don’t even have to wear a wetsuit.

Celia Shatzman

Celia Shatzman

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