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Guide to Male Grooming

by Karim Orange

Men deserve clean personal care products. I will never forget, years ago, when I first told my husband that he should use a clean body lotion.

What did he do? He used my Dr. Hauschka moisturizer on his feet! But he has evolved since then, and now has a keen eye for picking out great products. 

It’s always a great idea to celebrate the men in our lives with clean product choices. Here is a great guide to get you started.

The Less-is More-Guy

Let’s face it, the average guy prefers very few grooming steps. In his eyes, less is more. This man is more concerned with hanging out at the trampoline park with the kids than picking out the right hair conditioner. This is why all-in-one products were created. 

One of our go-to brands is ERA Organics. Made with wholesome organic ingredients, this brand will spoil your guy. We recommend The USDA Organic Men’s Face And Body Wash. This made-for-the-shower product is infused with natural and organic food grade ingredients such as chamomile tea, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. 

Lots of men also enjoy a good beer. Why not gift him products infused with it? Born out of old-school tradition, the BRÖÖ motto is that beer is not something to use to drown your sorrows, but to brew your do!  We recommend The Hydrating Shower Session. This shower beer, infused with shea butter gently cleanses and nourishes hair, face, body, and beard.

The Sweet-Smelling Guy

If you are gifting a man who loves fragrance, there are some amazing clean options for men. Evros Eau de parfum by Hercules Man is a blend of forest scents, like Fine Wood, Delicate Apple, Light Tea, and more, made with organic grain alcohol*, a proprietary blend of botanical aromatics, and vitamin E. The brand also make botanical aftershaves that are alcohol-free and infused with organic witch hazel. Each fragrance purchased from Hercules Man equals 3 trees that will be planted by the National Forest Foundation's Trees for U.S. program. 

Another great scent is Flooid by the natural skincare brand Non Gender Specific. This clean, fragrance features grapefruit oil, cedarwood oil,  patchouli oil, and vetiver oil. The scent is warm, fresh and seductive. The plantable box is made of a variety of beautiful, non-invasive, wildflower seeds that vary in color and texture -- even the ink is derived from plants. Ladies, you can wear this, too.

The Bearded Guy

This is a special man with very specific needs. Whether you visit a hipster bar in Brooklyn or the mountains in Colorado, the bearded man is there.

And did you know there are health benefits to rocking a beard? The beard is natural sun protection and can block up to 95 percent of the sun's UV rays. It also helps to create blemish-free skin. Using razors can sometimes irritate the skin, causing razor bumps and razor rash. Growing a beard prevents all of the above, and acts as a natural moisturizer, as the sebaceous glands (the natural oil that keeps skin moisturized) is protected by a beard. A thick beard is a protectant from wind exposure, which can lead to dryness.

Try Beard Balm, a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes and nourishes with a light hold, in scented and unscented. For the man transitioning into growing a beard, the The King Box ($40) is a great collection by Shea Moisture. It contains Shea Moisture men's classics such as the Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Wash. The pocket beard comb by Beardbrand is a great overall styling tool.

Happy shopping!

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