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How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

by Organic Spa Magazine

Are you guilty of rarely (or maybe even never) washing your makeup brushes? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

But here’s why it’s so important: Washing your makeup brushes not only creates a more flawless application, but also keeps your skin healthy and helps minimize breakouts. When your brushes are dirty, you are continually exposing your skin to dirt, bacteria and buildup that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Cleaning your brushes should be done once a week (OK, you can stretch it to every two weeks!), and can make a great Sunday afternoon ritual, as the brushes take a few hours to dry. Here is a simple way to clean your brushes thoroughly, yet naturally.

What you’ll need:

• Small bowl

• Small plate

• Olive oil or natural baby shampoo

• Several clean washcloths/towels

• Bathroom sink

How to Clean: 

1. Line up your brushes on a clean towel and prepare a natural brush cleaner by mixing a tablespoon of either olive oil or natural baby shampoo with a splash of warm water in your bowl.

2. Run your brush under lukewarm water, but try to avoid the head of the brush as water exposure could loosen the bind between the bristles and the handle.

3. Dip the wet brush into the cleaner solution and then gently swirl the brush onto a clean plate or the palm of your hand, working the solution into a lather.

4. Run your brush under lukewarm water again, and repeat step three until the water runs clear from the brush.

5. Gently dry the bristles by moving the brush back and forth on a clean towel.

6. Re-shape the bristles and lay your brush flat on the towel to dry overnight.

It’s that simple! These six easy steps will have you on your way to squeaky-clean brushes and radiant skin in no time.

If you already clean your brushes every week like a pro, then there are several natural daily spot-cleaners that can add to your brush cleaning routine. Eminence, Mineral Fusion and Eco-tools all have daily spot-cleaners that clean and refresh your brushes after each use. Daily-spot cleaners come in the form of sprays or wipes and ensure that your brushes are clean 24/7.

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