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Clean Beauty Advice: Halloween Clean

by Karim Orange

Welcome to Clean Beauty Advice, my new bi-weekly column, exclusively for Organic Spa Magazine! In each column, we’ll explore tips, tricks and products from the clean beauty world.

Halloween Clean

Halloween is fun for all ages. Once a year, you get to take on a new identity. You can go for simple and sweet to glamorous and outrageous. Whatever you choose, makeup and hair is the easiest way to transform yourself. Here are some ideas to help you navigate clean products for your transformation this Halloween.


Try using a natural skin care mask as a Halloween mask. You can even add a tiny bit of natural eyelash adhesive to help it stick. If you want to get really creative, try layering on some loose mineral eye colors by Bare Minerals. Try: Knours.

Hair Hair Now

Nothing is as instantly transformative as a new hair style. This Halloween, try changing it up with a different color or different length wig. You can also go bold by adding a temporary burst of color. In the image to the right, clean beauty hair stylist Michelle Cameau placed a dark wig on top of models blonde hair. Allowing some of the blonde to show, she sprayed hair with temporary vegan colored hair spray in purple haze by Manic Panic.

Bold and Beautiful

For a bold and beautiful look, take inspiration from icons such as Princess Leia from Star Wars. In the image below, Michele used clean hair products by Matrix Biolage to create the messy pigtail updos.

The makeup was created by yours truly. The model's skin was first prepared by using Thayers Witch Hazel in Cucumber. Next I applied Stratus Soft Focus by Vapour Organic Beauty. After I applied a Dual Powder Foundation by ZuZu Luxe, and a cream concealer by Gabriel Cosmetics. I filled in brows with the Jane Iredale Retractable Eye Pencil in Golden Brown. The eyes are a smoky light blue created using loose mineral eye shadows by No Miss in Tampa Teal, Boca Ice White, and Paxton Purple. If you find your minerals are not sticking the way you like, trying mixing them with a little concealer first. I finished the look with black liquid eyeliner and mascara in ZuZu Luxe, Gabriel blush in Magical and Vapour Elixir Lipgloss in Delite.

Smoky Clean Witch

This look was created with the Purple Rain eyeshadow palette by Jane Iredale, and intensified by adding eyeshadow in matte black, with black eyeliner and mascara by ZuZu Luxe. Cheeks and lips are Aura Multi Use Classic by Vapour Organic Beauty with a bit of clear gloss in center.

There you have it! Some fun, creative ways to go clean with your beauty looks this Halloween. Please share with the hashtags #ospacleanhalloween #cleanbeautyadvice. Special thanks to the model Olivia Salisbury and clean hair stylist Michelle Cameau.

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