Celebrate your “Green”

by Sandra Ramani

Sobering fact: plastic can stay in the environment for up to 1,000 years—which is why almost all of the plastic that’s ever been made still exists today.

And despite recent efforts to curtail the production and use of plastic, humans still send about 335 million tons of it out into the world each year, half of it from items that were only used once.

Among the biggest plastic culprits are water bottles, which is why companies like SodaStream—whose at-home sparkling water makers can help the average family reduce more than 3,700 bottles and cans from the planet—are making such an impact. For this Earth Day, the brand has launched a program challenging consumers to be “Proud to be Green”—particularly if the word “green” is part of your city or your name, or just in your heart.

To raise awareness around the U.S. about the single-use plastic problem, and help communities around the country be more eco-conscious, on Earth Day SodaStream is offering free machines to public buildings in cities and town with “green” in their name, from Greenwich to Greenville to Green Bay and beyond. Residents of any “green”-named town will also enjoy an exclusive 50-percent-off code for their own SodaStream starter kit; the offer is good for 48-hours starting April 22 (Earth Day) and you can register here to receive the code.

If “green” is part of your first or last name, you’re also in luck: connect with SodaStream on Facebook or Instagram to enter to win a stylish limited-edition green-hued machine. And what about the rest us who are just green-minded? We all can enjoy 30-percent off SodaStream starter kits for the month of April, via retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond. Visit the Proud to Be Green site for more info on how to live up to the “green” in your name—and help make a difference, even with #justonething.

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