Ceiba del Mar, Riviera Maya

By Diana Anderson / September 14, 2011

Happily, heaven is only a 20-minute drive south of the Cancun airport, at Ceiba Del Mar Hotel and Spa. Situated on the Riviera Maya, the resort is home to the 8,000-square-foot Aromatherapy Holistic Spa, which boasts sweet-smelling varnished teak wood, granite floors, red-bricked tall cupulas (that’s Spanish for really high ceilings), and is surrounded by lush green jungle and the sea. Best of all, the spa uses natural, organic, locally sourced products, and therapists will tailor-make a treatment program based on an assessment of your individual needs and energy flow.

“We have therapeutic benefits in all the treatments we offer, and we customize all the signature blends and products,” says spa manager Gloria Guerrero, who has logged more than 2,500 hours learning different treatments, including Bach Flowers, Reiki, and Aromatherapy, among other holistic therapies. But this is Mexico, after all, and each treatment has a decidedly Mayan feel. The Mayan Experiences, for example, are a blend of ancient Mexican herbal remedies and customized essential oils. Before the treatment begins, a sacred tree resin called copal is burned in the room to clear its energy and harmonize the body, spirit, and mind.

Among Guerrero’s favorite treatments is the Top Nikte Massage, 90-minutes of euphoria. “It’s designed to take you to a deep relaxation, and it is a very complete massage,” she says.

She’s not kidding. In Mayan, Top Nikte means cocoon, and this treatment is inspired by the magic of butterflies. It begins with a 50-minute aromatherapy massage and continues with a warm herbal linen cocoon to detoxify the body. While insulated, you get a scalp treatment and face massage. Bliss.

The 120-minute Mayan Balsamic Ritual is another Guerrero favorite—“It helps to release tension and increase the vital energy in your central nerve system, especially for burned-out people,” she says. Here’s how it works: Essential oils are applied in a raindrop style sequence along your spine, which activates the healing powers of the central nervous system. According to Guerrero, the benefits can last up to one month.

Finally, the Mayan Goddess Scrub blends locally harvested ingredients like chaya, a sacred medicinal plant, and achiote, a plant that provides anti-inflammatory and antiseptic support, with super-moisturizing honey. This purifying exfoliating treatment leaves you feeling like a Mayan goddess—a wonderful prospect in any language. www.ceibadelmar.com

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