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Cafe con Mushrooms

by Rona Berg

 I am a coffee purist. I grind my own beans, prefer a strong and bracing French or Italian espresso blend, and savor a good cup or two of coffee every day. But now I also have my steely gaze fixed on immune-boosters, so when the multitasking USDA-certified Four Sigmatic Mushroom Ground Coffee with Probiotics came across my desk, I decided to give it a try. 

In addition to probiotics and prebiotics, it contains adaptogenic and immune-boosting Chaga and Turkey Tail mushrooms. After all, that’s the Four Sigmatic specialty. Most important, it tastes like coffee—good coffee. No funny aftertaste. And, the beans were sustainably grown in Guatemala by a nonprofit federation of small coffee producers. It comes in four flavors—including my beloved dark roast. us.foursigmatic.com 

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