Boost Your Energy Level in 5 Minutes

by Nicole Dorsey Straff

I had the ultimate pleasure of interviewing integrative medical doctor Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, who explores and practices healing Energy Medicine, which is the ancient art of working with the subtle energetic flows of the body  to improve health and vitality. A canny but down-to-earth teacher at Dr. Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, and author of the new book, Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care (Sounds True 2013) Dr.  Chiasson literally showed me how to how to harness my energy—naturally—in 5 minutes and get back to work more energized and calm, better than a nap, she says.

Dr. Chiasson incorporates integrative family medicine, along with hands-on healing and other techniques that stimulate and shift the underlying energy that is associated with the disease process and utilizes the transformational tools of meditation, dream work and psycho-spiritual counseling in her private practice in Tuscon, Ariz.

 The Ultimate Energy Fix: Toe Tapping

  1. Begin by lying flat on the ground or on a couch.  Allow your legs to gently rest at an open position, about 6 inches apart, or whatever is comfortable.
  2. For the first minute begin rotating your legs from the hips like windshield wipers to warm up and boost blood circulation.
  3. At the second minute mark, parallel both feet and begin tapping/touching your big toes into each other. Continue tapping without stopping for to more minutes with some dynamic force.
  4. Relax and let the legs bring the toes together to tap, tap, tap. Tap the toes together in a swift repeated motion. If you notice any uncomfortable sensation in the toes, the doctor says it will   stop being uncomfortable within seconds.
  5. Do this for five minutes total, breathing deeply and accompanied by rhythmic music to make the movement a moving meditation. “Also use this movement in bed if you have back pain,” says Dr. Chiasson.
  6. Use toe tapping each morning for at least 5 minutes upon waking to open the legs and gather energy.  “It’s also useful at night if you suffer from insomnia or restless leg syndrome,” she says.

How do you harness your own mind-body energy each day? I do yoga with my dogs.

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