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BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia

by Patricia Nugent




BodyHoliday provides a personalized experience of wellness and discovery where you will enjoy a transformational journey designed as an antidote to the pressures of modern-day life. Located on a pristine crescent beach surrounded by lush tropical gardens, they are the only resort to combine the pleasures of an active beach vacation with a nearly endless array of activities, body treatments, and opportunities to explore, discover, and gain insights that last a lifetime.

Rimmed with powder-sand beaches and deep azure waters, centered by majestic mountain peaks and lush tropical rainforest—the island of Saint Lucia is the quintessential Caribbean paradise.

And BodyHoliday resort makes the most of every breathtaking view, situated along two miles of pristine beachfront. Whether modern wellness travelers crave a hive of activity or haven of peaceful solitude, this all-inclusive resort lets you customize your getaway experience.

Featuring its own Ayurvedic temple, Skin Clinic and BodyScience, a better aging clinic, it offers a tempting range of spa services, adventure opportunities and bespoke programs.

Adventures Curated by World-Renowned Experts

Themed monthly programs take a 360-degree approach to wellness. BodyHoliday welcomes special guests to orchestrate the programs, including Olympic medalists, celebrities and world-renowned experts in their fields. 

Next month’s Sleep Retreat, set for April 11-18, focuses on achieving the optimal amount and best quality of sleep. Studies have shown that one in three Americans experience sleep deprivation. This lack of the recommended eight hours can have devastating effects beyond general grogginess, affecting long-term mental and physical well-being.

A first at BodyHoliday, the sleep retreat will be led by acclaimed sleep psychologist Philip Carr-Gomm. He will guide guests through a program rooted in the latest sleep science.

Based on content drawn from his forthcoming book, The Gift of the Night–A Six-Step Program for Better Sleep, Carr-Gomm will lead daily classes and individual consultations that explore cures for insomnia and parasomnias, as well as the effects of sleep medications, alcohol, cannabis and CBD.

No matter what time of year you visit, guests staying at BodyHoliday will also experience a wide variety of sleep-improving wellness offerings on the property, such as: Ayurvedic Treatments at the Ayurvedic Center to identify practices that will improve the sleep cycle; Sunset Yoga to help guests wind down before bedtime; and the I-TAL Culinary Experience, which is designed to show guests the benefits of plant-based diet, often correlated with better quality sleep.

And to kick off the season, the resort is also introducing its Spring Sail program March 27-April 7, offering guests the opportunity to learn to sail from British Olympic gold medalist Stuart Bithell.

With its range of treatments, therapies and activities, BodyHoliday offers 155 guest rooms and four spacious villas. In addition to the slew of wellness programming, guests can dabble in everything from archery to scuba diving, spinning, Pilates, Ayurvedic treatments and Reiki.

Other monthly themed programs on the docket for 2023 include Spring WellFit (May), Jive-June, WellFit Tribes (July-August) and September Solos for those who like to travel alone. bodyholiday.com

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