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by Organic Spa Magazine

Beverly Maloney-Fischback

Founder & CEO

Bev is recognized as a powerful and influential member of the elite global wellness community and applauded for her many successes and pursuits within the wellness and media landscape.  With a career spanning decades of working on iconic media outlets like The New Yorker, Vogue, Gourmet among others, combined with a lifelong commitment to wellness and sustainability, Bev’s success lies in her ability to capture the true essence of wellness and bring it to life through the numerous wellness media products she has created. Her mission has always been to empower individuals, both consumer and trade, to lean in and find a more intentional path towards well-being and self-care.

Bev launched Organic Spa Magazine in 2007 and the magazine has enjoyed a long-standing run as the leader and authority on the global wellness stage. In August 2022, with respect to the company’s strong commitment to sustainability and in appreciation for the continued consumer shift to a more digitally focused media stratosphere, the bi-monthly print edition was paused and is being rebirthed as a single annual volume, offering readers a more integral, “slow” rich media experience. The company expanded beyond print many years ago with the launch of the Experience Wellness & Travel media event franchise in 2012 and Wellness Travel University in 2021. Bev is also the founder of Wellness Travel Advisors, which debuted in 2017, and is a consulting arm for business owners and destination partners in the global wellness travel sector. In 2022, the company was restructured and now operates under Wellness Media Company Ltd. 

A global citizen of the world, with childhood into adulthood experiences in Asia, Africa and Canada, Bev brings a unique perspective into the core message of wellness living. With over 35 years in the media and wellness industries, Bev is recognized as an astute media executive and successful wellness lifestyle entrepreneur. Her career has been defined by her ability to pair opportunity with success among a wide range of industry sectors.

Prior to launching Organic Spa Media, Bev held senior management positions at Advanstar Communication Inc, IMG (International Management Group) and was the President of MPR Canada, an international media representation firm with a roster that included most  of Condé Nast's top titles (Vogue, Gourmet,The New Yorker etc) Times Mirror (Ski Magazine) and the Washington Post, among others.

Bev is a member of many industry associations and organizations, has been recognized in numerous press outlets, most recently in FORBES magazine for her role as a leading female owner/entrepreneur in the wellness media space. She has contributed as a speaker on various wellness industry panels and has been a regular guest on NBC’s local affiliate morning shows.

Bev is an avid yogi, dog walker, downhill skier, and the mother of two grown sons. She currently splits her time between Rocky River Oh, Kennebunkport Maine and Ellicottville NY, with her husband and their two chocolate labs.