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Best Natural Deodorants

by Organic Spa Magazine

It’s a tall order. We want our deodorant to keep us smelling fresh, but most traditional formulations contain aluminum-based compounds, which block the sweat glands. Some studies have linked aluminum, as well as other common ingredients like parabens, triclosan and phthalates, to hormone disruption and even breast cancer.
Why take the risk, when there are effective, natural, plant-based versions available, without the questionable synthetic ingredients? Here are top picks for the best natural deodorants.
Ambre Blends Natural Deodorant The roll-on applicator is traditional, and the ingredients are anything but! Made with 100 percent natural and certified organic coconut oil, aloe vera oil, arrowroot, shea butter and more, this new product is available in unscented and softly scented versions (in the signature scent) that really work. ambreblends.com
Nubian Heritage Aluminum-Free 24-Hour All Natural Deodorant The latest launch from Nubian Heritage is made from non-GMO corn-derived ingredients—in Coconut & Papaya, Honey & Black Seed, African Black Soap and Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver—with certified organic shea butter that is ethically sourced from women’s co-ops in Northern Ghana. This stick deodorant will keep you fresh, without irritating sensitive skin. nubianheritage.com
Lavilin Deodorant A pioneer in the field of natural deodorant, these products—roll-on and cream—were developed over 30 years ago to combat body odor for soldiers who found themselves living in close quarters. The original formula has been updated, and it works by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria with herbal extracts and rice starch. Great for workout mavens, it offers protection for 48 or 72 hours, until the bacteria get back to work. lavilin.com
Blissoma Natural Deodorant Aromatic Spray Blissoma recently launched three Natural Deodorant Aromatic Sprays and two Stick Solid Natural Deodorants to keep you fresh and odor-free, and they are great additions to the natural botanical holistic skincare formulations—with certified organic ingredients—created by Founder and Herbal Chemist Julie Longyear. Non-irritating for sensitive skin. blissoma.com
Fig + Yarrow Underarm Lotion This is a cream application, in a pump-top bottle, meant to be applied with fingers. A blend of witch hazel extract, sage, and thyme extract, a little goes a long way. figandyarrow.com
Soapwalla Deodorant Cream
Soapwalla Founder Rachel Winard created this winner a decade ago in her kitchen, because, she says, “I couldn’t find anything on the market that was both clean enough (ingredient-wise) and effective enough (stink-wise) for me.”
Soapwalla Deodorant Cream has become a cult favorite, for good reason: It works, flawlessly. The cream application—dip your fingers in the jar and apply—takes a bit of getting used to. But according to Winard, “Cream deodorant has been around for generations—there’s a flapper-era cream called Tussy. It fell out of favor, and folks got used to sprays, roll-ons and sticks. However, when I was formulating my deodorant, I found that a cream applied with my fingers was the most effective and efficient. Plus, it has the added benefit of requiring far less packaging!” soapwallakitchen.com

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