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Thoughtful Tools

by Sandra Ramani

It isn’t only the products you use, but the way you apply them that can make a difference. Here are four beauty tools that you’ll want to know about!


In addition to looking sleek and stylish on your countertops, Artis’ thoughtfully designed, cult-favorite brushes have been specifically crafted to help with skincare application. While conventional skincare applicators and sponges soak up some of your creams, oils and serums (wasting a bit of what you’ve paid good money for), the Digit brushes feature densely packed, animal-free CosmeFibre fibers with a proprietary “anti-oil” coating that helps products slip off onto the skin and retain their full efficacy. As with the Artis makeup brushes, the skincare versions also taper to a microscopic tip, so you can apply products with more precision and ease. The shape helps, too, as it’s been designed to mimic the soft touch of a fingertip. 


One of the first at-home dermaplaning devices, DERMAFLASH LUXE helps prep the skin for a flawless makeup application, while also helping to boost radiance, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and remove peach fuzz. It all happens thanks to proprietary Sonic Edge Technology, which safely and painlessly gets rid of dead skin cells, built-up debris and tiny hairs from the surface of the skin, revealing the smoother, glowing skin underneath—and helping skincare products penetrate better.

While particularly effective after you’ve been in cooler temperatures, on a plane, or in other skin-drying conditions, the tool (created by Chicago-based aesthetician Dara Levy) can also safely be used at home whenever you—and your skin—need a pick-me-up. 


Pronounced “guah-sha,” this semi-heart-shaped Native Nectar Botanicals Gua Sha tool is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate blood circulation and get rid of toxins and stagnant energy. While trained practitioners may use the tool on various points of the body (and may dig in to the muscles a bit deeper), the at-home version is best used on the face. Apply a serum or moisturizer (try Native Nectar’s Daily Glow hydrating serum), then run the broad side of the tool up the face in a gentle scraping motion; use the tapered side to sculpt and contour desired areas. Along with boosting collagen production, the tool is also cooling, and helps ease facial tension. Choose from rose quartz or jade versions. 


ReFa began with one question: Was it possible to re-create the kneading massage of a professional aesthetician with an at-home tool? Now, 10 years since the launch of the first ReFa roller, the answer is an undisputed “yes.”

Made with Japanese craftmanship and lots of attention to detail—and based on extensive testing and doctor input on the best roller angles, grip width, the levels of subliminal stimuli, and more—the dozen or so roller models have been designed to address different areas, from eyes to thighs. All feature solar panels to capture light and generate gentle microcurrents (without the need for batteries), and all are waterproof, too, so can be used in the tub. We particularly love the 4 Carat model, which has four rollers to replicate the continuous massage strokes of a pro, and can be used on the face, neck, hips and waist. 

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