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Beauty Spotlight: HollyBeth Organics

by Organic Spa Magazine

HollyBeth Anderson, founder/owner, HollyBeth Organics

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Why did you start your company? 

My fascination with the curative properties of plants began under the tutelage of my grandmother, who taught me all about their medicinal properties on our adventures in the woods of Georgia.

I was introduced to the importance of a skincare regimen while living in Spain, and when my journey brought me to Latin America, I became transfixed with the curative powers of herbs from local healers. When I moved on to France, I was introduced to essential oils and the organic lifestyle, and began my quest for the best products on the market. Like most women, I amassed a huge collection, specifically eye creams, in the process. The main problem I faced was the unnecessary additives and fillers.

When I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I had an epiphany—why not create my own? Utilizing the knowledge I had culled over the past 40-plus years, I knew I had what it took to create an organic, healthy line of products. The first product I created, my eye cream, combined organic jojoba, sweet almond and camellia oils. When I settled back in Atlanta, I began crafting artisan batches of my products and introduced HollyBeth Organics to the market.

You’re based in Atlanta; is there anything particularly Southern about your products?

My family history in Georgia can actually be traced back into the 1700s. Being a Southerner is in my blood and, naturally, has been injected into my brand.

I like to say that our ingredients are “grown in a Southern garden, not in a lab,” as many of the ingredients found in my products grow beautifully in the climate here. The growing season is nice and long in Georgia, and all of my favorite ingredients—camellias, lavender, basil and roses—flourish in my own backyard. And there’s no shortage of Tupelo honey—another of my favorite essential ingredients.

How do you live green in other areas of your life? 

I try to incorporate green living philosophies into all facets of my life. Two of my biggest focuses are water and plastics. I’ve lived in countries where clean tap water is virtually nonexistent, so I’m incredibly mindful of wasting water. You won’t catch the water running while I brush my teeth or wash dishes! I have also experienced firsthand the damage that plastic bottles can do, specifically in the oceans. I try to avoid buying plastic overall, recycle always and choose to package my products in recycled glass when available. —Rona Berg

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