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Beauty News February 2014

by Organic Spa Magazine

Launches We Love!

Beauty News February 2014For the Sensitives Imagine an entire line made for sensitive skin! It is a dream come true for those of us with delicate, reactive skin. With the launch of this new line of plant-based skincare products—cleanser, toner, face cream, body lotion, hand cream—with loads of healthy ingredients and none of the bad, Everclen takes care of all of your sensitive skin needs. Everclen.com

Beauty News February 2014Wrinkle Repair, Really! If you like immediate gratification, you will love the new Naturopathica Wrinkle Repair Collection. The four plant stem cell-based products—Argan & Peptide Wrinkle Repair Cream, Eye Cream, Night Cream, Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum—do what they say they will do, and fast. Your fine lines will soften, and your skin will look plumper, smoother, firmer and more radiant. Naturopathica has nailed it: This is exactly what we mean when we say that you can have it all—healthy ingredients and amazing results.  Naturopathica.com

Beauty News February 2014Mama Mio!! A line that merges an active lifestyle with skin health, Mama Mio’s new Mio launch includes zesty beauty hybrids like Workout Wonder, an invigorating muscle gel, and Liquid Yoga restorative bath soak. “For the woman focused on wellness, this line is about helping women achieve fit skin for life,” says a Mama Mio spokesperson. mamamio.com/us/

Beauty News February 2014Winter Warmup After a workout—or a shower—we love to apply the invigorating new USDA certified organic Kerstin Florian Ginger Oil. It smells delicious, hydrates beautifully and studies show that ginger can activate lipolysis—the breakdown of fat. So show those hips and thighs a little extra ginger love! Kerstinflorianusa.com

Beauty News February 2014Eye-Lift in a Jar This highly concentrated oligopeptide serum strengthens capillaries that leak and cause dark circles, firms slackening skin and de-puffs. Honestly, it kind of works like an instant eye-lift in a jar. Amazing! YUM Gourmet Skincare Hibiscus Cell-Lift Eye Firming Serum, yumskincare.com



Living the Dream

Beauty News February 2014

Beauty News February 2014Winter Ritual, a new holistic massage treatment just launched at Earthbody Day Spa in San Francisco, puts the focus on how the change of seasons affects your energy. “I designed The Winter Ritual as a restorative experience for anyone feeling the seasonal effects of stress, worry or imbalance,” says Earthbody CEO/founder Denmo Ibrahim. The ayurvedic-inspired treatment features Dream, a luscious new body oil with Artemisia and rosehip seed oil dreamed up by Ibrahim (photo left). Earthbody.net



True Colors

Beauty News February 2014No matter what your skin tone, winter can be a washout for the skin. We asked Shirley Pinkson, co-founder/makeup guru for W3LL People, for a few tips on how to help perk up your natural look.

Get Radiant “I am all about glowing skin,” says Pinkson, “and a creamy, hydrating blush delivers radiance.” Tip: Using your fingertips, start two fingers from the nose and blend towards your ear, she recommends.

Go Dewy If you wear foundation, choose a liquid or cream version, especially in the winter. “Apply foundation directly after moisturizer, when skin is moist,” says Pinkson. “Use a damp sponge or a wide foundation brush, and it will blend in seamlessly.” Tip: Be sure to use only half the amount you think you need. And choose a golden-based shade that warms the skin and balances out any wintry redness.

Beauty News February 2014W3ll People Natural Warrior Makeup Set Pick your palette—Power Beauty, Pure Beauty or Urban Beauty—and you will find the three color essentials you need to brighten up your skin this season. Each set comes with a Universalist Color Stick for lips and cheeks, an eye pencil or eye shadow and a lipgloss or color balm. $48; w3llpeople.com



Lip Tip

Beauty News February 2014If you love lip gloss and haven’t already tried Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss, what are you waiting for? It moisturizes, protects (with antioxidants like acai and goji berries) and leaves lips looking naturally luscious, even in the dry winter season. Colors include Champagne, Pink, Fig and Guava. $15; juicebeauty.com



Natural Antibacterials for On-the-Go

Beauty News February 2014A study published in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal 2013 showed that significant levels of triclosan, an antibacterial used in soaps, deodorants and hand sanitizers, were found in lakes throughout Minnesota.

Triclosan may cause developmental and reproductive problems, and it increases immunity to antibiotics, which may lead to MRSA. The Environmental Protection Agency’s study of the effects of triclosan on people and the environment is ongoing. I am not a scientist, but Minnesota has the highest rates of autism in the U.S.: One in 81 births in Minnesota is an autistic child, which is twice the national average. Just wondering, could there possibly be a connection?

Meanwhile, you may want to try these natural antibacterials, all triclosan-free. Especially since the FDA has found no evidence that antibacterial soaps and sanitizers with triclosan are more beneficial!

Prana Spaceuticals Organic Hand Sanitizer
Prana, the company known for its sophisticated anti-aging line with reishi and other powerful mushrooms, has just launched a hand sanitizer featuring organic aloe vera, tea tree and peppermint oils, aimed at killing germs and softening skin at the same time. $12; pranaspaceuticals.com

EO Hand Sanitizer Gel
I’ve been carrying this in my purse—and on the plane—for years. I replenish my supply constantly, because everyone who smells this heavenly lavender gel wants to try a squirt. Also comes in wipes for kids. $3.99; eoproducts.com

Jao Hand Refresher
This award-winning product not only kills germs, it offers up an aromatherapy boost with chamomile, geranium, tea tree, sage and natural alcohol sourced from grapes, not synthetics. $16; jaoltd.com

Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hand Sanitizer

A potent cocktail of plant oils that not only prevents the spread of germs, but it will kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria you come in contact with, without drying out your hands. $12; intelligentnutrients.com 

—Rona Berg

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